OKI C920WT, the printer with white ink

OKI Launches white printer toner market-oriented professional.

The Japanese company OKI has multiple products in sectors as diverse as aeronautics, ATMs and more known, the printing business. Precisely in the latter group have just launched a truly innovative equipment, printer toner C920WT with a white instead of the usual color ... black. This printer with 'ink' white allows printing on transparent or white colors.
This is useful in the production of brochures, packaging, window signs, transparencies, stickers, etc.., Which want to use the color white on a support that does not have as a base (transparent films or colored paper for example) . It is so professional and market-oriented business where they need this kind of peculiar impression.

The printer C920WT has besides the white toner, the usual magenta, yellow and cyan with which to frame a colorful result. The printing technology is used instead of the usual LED laser OKI bet that apart from the competition and according to the Japanese company has a number of advantages such as reliability, simplicity, and print quality.
The C920WT still not for sale. The printer we have had occasion to test the presentation of OKI is a prototype and we were told, intend to send a few units to be tested by some companies. But we have one doubt this printer will serve to send secret messages printed a blank white ink? We will continue investigating in September when put on the market forever.

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