Characteristics of the official Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Characteristics of the official Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - If you've been waiting for are the features of the Samsung Galaxy Note official two today because I've been talking a bit about this device is that it is certainly one of the best because it has great specifications that will make the competition direct several high-end smartphone, is why if you still think having a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as you find time to have one of the best to be on the market,Samsung has come to the point knowing what all people look at when buying a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Remember also that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2  has an amazing 5.5 inch screen which until now has been almost alone in hybrid phones, well now this Note 2 is a bit revolutionize the lives of some people as they is designed with all people both for designers and any other employer but also for people seeking entertainment.
The official features Samsung Galaxy Note 2 have been presented last August 29 in Berlin so you can be sure that these specifications because you do not have to waste more time and that have Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) as Samsung has stated that applications will take full advantage of all that this smartphone plans to offer.
Features Samsung Galaxy Note 2 :
  • Screen: 5.5-inch 720 × 1280 HD Super AMOLED - (~ 267 ppi pixel density)
  • Microprocessor: Quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A9 (core cuadruple) 2 Gb of RAM
  • Main Rear Camera: 8 MP, 3264 × 2448 pixels Auto Focus + High Definition Range - Full HD recording
  • Cámara sharing out: 1.9 Megapixels
  • Report: different capacities 16/32 / 64GB + microSD
  • Conectividad: HSDPA, 21 Mbps, HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps, LTE cat3, 50 Mbps UL, 100 Mbps DL, Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n, dual-band, DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth 4, NFC, USB 2.0
  • Sistema: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
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Aliens vs. Predators announced for Android

Aliens vs. Predators announced for Android - Aliens vs. Predator is a title that has to be read carefully as it is a very flashy game thanks to the expectations left us good movies and it has finally been announced Aliens vs Predators for Android which is expected to be ready mid-November of this year where we see lots of blood in the struggle of these two races of aliens who seek to satisfy their instincts as, Aliens vs Predators for Android is said to be full of action and adrenaline but now we choose one of the two species to face looking against Marines as destroy.
So you must be ready for all battle in which you will be included as it is great fun to observe and of course the fact that you live on your smartphone it will be unique, Aliens vs Predators in Androidcounted with a Just over 20 levels where not only battles but also will have to make major strategies when we see clearly outnumbered and have to use objects to keep surviving something that will be a little difficult but Aliens vs Predators is a challenge and you must comply.

Aliens vs Predators

So if you expect a game full of action because I can tell you with Aliens vs Predators have enough as it is ideal for anyone for the simple fact that it contains a lot of adrenaline and besides that we know that mixing and Aliens Predators since we know that there will always be battles where shellfish ever be in the flesh as they are very large and clear much difficulty, Aliens vs Predators for Android is a paid game but I can tell you it will be worth every penny because it is one the best in every way, Aliens vs Predators Android
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Nexus S update to Android 4.2

Nexus S update to Android 4.2 - So as you read is a bit annoying but users of the Nexus S since it will enjoy the Android 4.2 update for the simple fact that it has the resources necessary to support this operating system, the latest update is Android 4.1 but there although it is noteworthy that come to be one of the first models to Google because they have the support and security updates, but this is not the whole story as the Motorola Xoom also since this if you have enough requirements to have a Dual Core 1 GHz of RAM but of course this was expected much from this but it is in hearing a little more.

Nexus S

The Nexus S will not update to Android 4.2 and this is the story of the moment in the world of smartphones as we know that recently launched this update was expected to reach the terminals of Google but we see that it is not and this is clear one of the problems that come with the Android operating system unlike its iOS competitor who from the moment they know they can get updated until the terminals, the Nexus S has been one of the best phones so to speak but we see that now to an end as soon as it comes to updates.

But do not think all is lost as to why there are custom ROMs which offer us a slightly smaller version but always updating it clear though that for some people can be a problem as it is a bit difficult to do, remember that this has to be under the responsibility of each and that is why you have to know what you're doing to avoid damaging the equipment and continue to enjoy clear your Nexus S and the Motorola tablet.
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View Live Cricket Scores With The ESPN Cricinfo App For Windows 8

View Live Cricket Scores With The ESPN Cricinfo App For Windows 8Cricket might not be the most popular sport in the world, but whatever fans it has are downright crazy about the game. With teams from all regions of the world, such as Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa, fans like to follow the performance of their favorite players and teams, and apart from the television, one of the best ways to do so is the website. It provides cricket fans with a huge database of news, articles, statistics and other information. Windows 8 and RT using cricket fans would be delighted to know that the official ESPN Cricinfo is now available in the Windows Store. The app allows you to view Live scores, Headlines, Featured articles, Latest news and stay up to date with Current series. Like its iOS, Android and Windows Phone variants, it gives you the option to view news stories related only to your national team or the entire cricket world. You get complete scorecards, along with the latest news and photos of ongoing matches.

In order to get the app, go to Windows Store, type “espn cricinfo” and press Enter. Select the ESPN Cricinfo tile from the results to head over to its Windows Store page for installation. Alternatively, yuo may hit the link provided at the bottom of this article.
CI Store Search
The main interface of the application has the data divided into several categories, including Live (scores of current matches), Series, Headlines, Features and News.
CI Main
Right clicking anywhere inside the interface (or swiping in from the bottom or top) will reveal the app bar, which allows you to access any category from anywhere inside the app. The Refresh button at the lower right side lets you update the scores and news articles manually.
CI App Bar
Select any Live Match to view its current statistics in detail. Other than the summary of the match, you can view the complete scorecard, ball-by-ball commentary, news and photos.
CI Scoreboard
The Settings menu can be accessed by pressing the Win + I keyboard shortcut on your computer or swiping in from the right on your Windows 8 tablet and selecting the Settings option from the Charms Bar that appears. Cricinfo’s settings menu allows you to change the default region for the News Headlines section, and switch Temperature Units between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
CI Settings
If you’re a cricket fan, and often find yourself too busy to watch entire games, you will definitely find use for this app on your Windows 8 device. A great way to use it without interrupting your work would be to snap the app to one side of the screen to keep up with the score, while continuing your work on the other half.
ESPN Cricinfo works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8.
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PPSSPP: PSP emulator for Android

PPSSPP: PSP emulator for Android - Video games lovers are always looking for how to get the most out of their devices and that's why today I've been talking about PPSSPP one PSP emulator for Android where you can play more interesting and fun games that exist in the and light portable console can now do so from their midrange smartphone - high, but you know that not everyone will be able to play as large requirements necessary to make this emulator although made ​​clear once enjoy yourself as much time as is very addictive and fun course.


Importantly for Android is only available for the smartphone Samsung Nexus S , Samsung Galaxy S2 and ASUS Transformer , but so is being developed as it says it will soon be for other terminals so you do not have to run out To try and say that is one of the best and are working hard to keep it updated and working without any problems, that's why you have to try their best to prove and have a high level of play.

source | PPSSPP
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Robo Fish Takara Tomy he pitch robot that never have morirá

Robo Fish Takara Tomy he pitch robot that never have morirá - Takara Tomy Robo Fish, fish behaves like a cyber real fish with their behavior and movements and lives much more than them. Caring for fish is a task that, despite his mind relax sometimes gets a little complicated. Sometimes, though put all our efforts into this, our aquatic friends surprised us one day floating belly-up in your aquarium, having passed away.Now, you'll have a fishnever leave: he Robo Fish , a pitch robotic cells.Aunque ojo, s he first one .


Almost like a real fish

Robo Fish is a fish company created by Takara Tomy, which has been shown at the Tokyo Toy Show 2012 and that, seen from afar, can deceive us into believing that an animal is alive, thanks to its bright colors and movements (is available in several formats, including one similar to the famous Nemo ).However, up close is quite noticeable but it is not a normal fish. Still, he articulated his tail allows random motions natural in the water, and can evensimulate behaviors like be eating in the aquarium, or meet with other fish in the background to get the food that may have fallen.

Un gadget a pilas ... a muchas pilas
Actually, it is not necessary to put it in an aquarium, as Fish Stealing cares little ecosystem in which they are placed, algae, microorganisms or oxygen from the water. You could enter into vases, vessels, or other container, and continue posing as a normal fish. To operate, the toy is powered by two LR44 button, apparently (according to some comments from buyers in Amazon Japan ) can consume it in just two hours of operation, which makes it an article of use and save, rather than permanent decoration in your aquarium, and that makes it a very environmentally friendly toy, even though it is a fish with beautiful colors.
The price of the gadget is around € 29 approx . And if we add the shipment of batteries you need to enjoy the toy for a few days, this is a rather expensive fish.While, yes, we will not have to worry if you get bored inside the aquarium.

+ info | Technabob
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DEXTER THE GAME 2: DEXTER SERIES GAME NOW HAS YOUR ANDROIDDexter, Showtime's hit series starring Michael C. Hall now has a new game for Android devices.

This is Dexter the Game 2. A 3D game in which you'll have to head to Dexter Morgan to decipher the murders that take place in Miami.

However, the dark passenger is also on the character and his shoes have to kill the worst criminals of the city to avoid being detected.

DEXTER The Game 2

Although at first seems to be an open map of Miami, to play a little we realize that this is populated by only eight people and a couple of cars, what they do with a monotonous sequence of play, a very frustrating experience .

All missions follow the same sequence in which you have to examine the crime scene, find evidence, usually obvious, analyze back in the lab and watch the suspect to prove his guilt and then let the passenger dark do his thing.

This coupled with poor quality graphics make the game a very bad payment option.

logo-appDexter the Game 2
Ecko Code
$2.99   star-on-dark-imgstar-on-dark-imgstar-half-dark-imgstar-off-dark-imgstar-off-dark-img
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VENTAJA THEY SEE ROOT AN ANDROIDUsually they say that there are two types of technology users: those who take and use technology the way that reaches them, without asking too many questions and accepting what touches them, and those who want to take full advantage and enjoy everything the device can offer.
This classification of users may be in the market for smartphones. To explain a little better we do memory: the first iPhone was released in 2007 popularized the era of smartphones. From the outset, users realized the potential opportunities offered device and software limitations that Apple imposed and that prevented the full potential of the device. Thus arose the "Jailbreak" which then was quickly adapted to other platforms.

Google launched the first Android in 2008 and despite being an open source platform, the OS did not provide the user with complete control over the device, so the phones began to be rooteados . Now, why would a user root access? What are the advantages if rooteo my smartphone?
As I mentioned earlier, rooting your phone gives you complete control over it and lets you permission to change whatever you want. Among the main advantages of being root are:
  • Modify the operating system and install a ROM and not rely cociada an operator
  • Install advanced applications
  • Remove applications that are preinstalled by the manufacturer or operator
  • Improving the Performance of Mobile
  • Hacer Overclocking
  • Many other

AndroidZone Today I bring you some of the main advantages of being Root .



Most Android devices come with excellent hardware. However, the operating system and limits it becomes the bottleneck. As root, you can remove this bottleneck and get the most out of your smartphone. How? Making overclock the CPU for example. The operating system lets you do it natively, and hence overclocking can only do it if you are.


If you root, you can enjoy hundreds of great applications exclusively for root users. The main examples we find Titanium Backup-root (to create backups), LEDs Hack (LED notifications off), DroidWall (firewall), Dual Mount SD Widget (to mount the SD in the phone and PC at the same time) , Root Uninstaller (to delete any app you want), SetCPU (to change the speed of the CPU), Root Explorer (File Manager) and many more!


Beyond that may share some characteristics, almost all Android build are different and offer different things. That is, the Galaxy S3 does not offer the same as the HTC One X, nor does the same as the Xperia Neo and so on. However, we often see features or functionality of other devices that we would like our smartphone. This is impossible with a factory Android, although it is possible with custom ROMs, but of course, for this you need to be root.


The bloatware is software that incorporates a lot of features and requires large storage space and RAM. Interfaces like Samsung TouchWiz, HTC Sense, MotoBlur and are examples of some bloatwares bloatware.Si good can be useful, most offers nothing that one can not find in other applications.However, many times bloatware applications can not be uninstalled, unless you're root.


If you root, you can use the tethering (or tethering) for WiFi or Bluetooth to share the mobile data connection with your laptop or PC. There are applications like WiFi Tether that allow a mobile device with an Internet connection to act as a gateway for wireless access to other devices, but such apps are only available for root phones.


By rooting your Android not only get freedom, but also wanted control over the hardware components of the device, so you can do overclocking (cause the processor to run at a higher speed) and undervolting (lower voltage).
Typically, the processors are tested to a certain speed but can actually operate at a higher clock frequency. It is therefore not unusual to see making overclocking a processor at 1GHz can reach 1.6 GHz, sacrificing some stability usually. However, if you want to make the most of the hardware of your device you can do with several applications that let you do overclocking and undervolting, but of course, are root applications.


When we buy a device, usually it comes with added manufacturers and carriers that do not allow us to maximize the power of the smartphone hardware features. At root access, you can modify the operating system, overclocking, and get additional performance through adjustments in the kernel with some applications, custom ROMs, etc and improve the performance of your Android. For example, the Galaxy S Android 2.3.6 not passing on official updates, but thanks to cooked ROMs, you can update even Jelly Bean 4.1 and improve performance.
Such adjustments in combination with overclocking have come to improve the overall performance of some devices in more than 200%.


One of the biggest disadvantages of Android device unable to install applications on the SD card, we can only do in the phone's internal memory. Google justifies this by saying that SD cards are slower and can not run apps as effectively as internal memory.
This can be fixed with apps like App2SD allow you to go Android SD though not all (only if you so indicate). However, if you are root you can move all applications to the SD. You just need a partitioned SD and a ROM that supports App2SD.


Although some manufacturers offer their own tools, Google did not incorporate the ability to take screenshots natively on Android to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. While most new devices, can upgrade to ICS, what about those users with slightly older devices? With a root dispositito have several options on Google Play to take screenshots (there are also non-root device as No Root Screenshot It, but there are many more options for root users).


The general feeling among the modder community is that companies make their Android UIs to benefit their companies, not the user. If you want the best user experience, you have to flash custom ROM that came true for users.
The ROMs are cooked firmwares with a custom user interface for Android. There are hundreds to choose from: some are focused on bringing the latest version of Android before the operator launches the official update, while others seek to provide additional functionality, speed and stability.These ROMs are developed by developers who want to improve the user experience.
The most popular custom ROMs is CyanogenMod, which focuses on maximizing performance and in turn allows you to choose from several themes and MIUI, but you can also find hundreds of ROMs for your device on XDA-Developers Forums.


One of the biggest complaints from users is the time it took to launch operators upgrades to new versions of Android. However, if you root it will not be a problem since you can upgrade much faster.
The custom ROMs allow you to get the latest version of Android long before it is launched by carriers and will not have to wait it out for all testing and compatibility checks.


The battery is one of the respects in which the device should improve. Virtually every aspect of smartphons have evolved tremendously: we increasingly display resolution and image quality, more powerful processors, devices with more ergonomic designs, thinner and lighter, and while the batteries have evolved, they have not in fact the same as the other elements, so we have to carry around our devices almost daily (which personally I find quite annoying).
Many cooked ROMs have proved excellent for improving the life of the battery via the internal configuration efficiency, application management, the network activity and removal of bloatware.
It is true that Google Play there are plenty of apps to save battery (many of which do not require root), but most cooked ROMs, the battery lasts even longer.


This is not to say that one has to do everything he can but since being root gives us great freedom and independence and many advantages, why not? Afraid of losing the warranty? We have seen thatthe rooting your device will not lose the warranty (at least in Europe).
Furthermore, as root you can jump and free you from the limitations you impose manufacturers and operators and will have many more opportunities to do what you want with your smartphone.
At the end of the day, one of the biggest advantages of Android over other mobile platforms is that it's open source operating system, so developers work every day to bring new applications and best ROMs to enjoy, giving us the opportunity to leverage the most of our devices. I mean, why limit when our Android is capable of giving much more?
You bought a device and possibly have paid good money for it, so you must have the right to modify it as you fancy and make the most. And that you can do it as root.
If you can do rooting your Android with z4root, one of the best applications for it -> z4root for Android
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GOOGLE LAUNCHES SEARCH SDK 3.4 and stop the fragmentation

GOOGLE LAUNCHES SEARCH SDK 3.4 and stop the fragmentation - Google modifies the conditions of the Android SDK in order to stop the fragmentation.

Fragmentation in ANDROID
Fragmentation has been one of the most criticized of Android, because it complicates the development of applications, resulting in increased development time and lower optimization.

Despite efforts by unifying operating system for tablets and smartphones from Ice Cream Sandwich and performance improvements have not been sufficient to provide an excellent user experience, as this problem is complicating developers.

In this situation that seemed to have no solution Google itself has taken action on the matter from the new SDK version 3.4 introduces a number of changes in the license terms that prohibit programmers and developers make changes involving greater fragmentation of the operating system.

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Excellent and Funny Photo Editor: Pixlr Express

Excellent and Funny Photo Editor: Pixlr ExpressIf you think boring photo editing, Pixlr Express reaches a versatile editor, fast and very easy to use. Pixlr Express comes on the heels of Autodesk Inc. who also have developed applications like AutoCAD WS or SketchBook or Pixlr-o-matic.
Pixlr Express stands out for its 600 effects for catches which gives you a wide variety of options, and an interesting range of lighting effects that make a difference in your photography. And to round out this useful app will tell you that for free.

Top of Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express allows you to resize, rotate and straighten images easily.
You can balance the colors with a single click.
Will improve the lighting of images easily with light effects.
You can also fix bad pictures taken.
Simple tools that let you enhance the image of simple ways. (Remove the teeth, red eyes etc..).
You can add overlays to your images, improve mood and add surreal shades.
Pixlr Express is easy to use, so you can handle the intensity and direction of each effect you use on your images or photographs.
Without knowing and quickly you will become a pro in photography, using sophisticated effects like focal blur, noise removal and more.
You can share your edited photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and other social networks or photo applications you have installed on your mobile device.
To use Pixlr Express, no need to have your device camera, you can choose any image from your gallery or some other application. Since you edited the return to their origin.
Option favorite effects to make it even easier to use this editor.
Full range of color tools, with which you can adjust contrast, brightness, or focus on a color with a touch of color.
Download Pixlr Express

Never been so easy and fun to edit a picture, try Pixlr Express and find the professional photographer you were saved.
Pixlr Express is a completely free application, and is available for all mobile devices Android 2.2 and later.

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IPHONE 5S for 2013

IPHONE 5S for 2013For the first time since the launch of the first iPhone, Apple would accelerate the life cycle of their products and launch a new iPhone 5S in mid-2013.

A little over two months Apple introduced the iPhone 5. The Cupertino firm has been characterized by trade make the most of the different versions of their devices, launching, on average, per year iPhone: the original iPhone was released in 2007, and then followed the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, or 6 devices in six years.

According to a publication DigiTimes, Apple launched a new iPhone 5S middle of next year and in 2014 would come into the iPhone 6. According to that blog, Apple will unveil its next-generation iPad and iPhone in mid-2013, so that devices fabricated begin during the first quarter of next year.

In this way, the iPhone 5S reach 9 or 10 months after the iPhone 5 (assuming a launch in June or July 2013), accelerating the release of new versions. Recall for example that the iPhone 4 was launched in June 2010 and the iPhone 4S in October 2011, ie one year and four months later, while the iPhone 5 did the same in September this year.

This information comes a few days after some blogs announced that Samsung already be working on their next Galaxy S4 would be released in 2013. Does Galaxy S4 is a battle vs iPhone 5S in 2013?

Via: DigiTimes
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NEXUS 4 - prueba OF RESISTANCE - This test has already become a classic and the new Nexus 4 could not be left out. Want to know how strong is the new flagship of Google and LG? Find out in a new strength test falls.

While I hate to see such a device several tens of euros is thrown to the ground, I think it is an interesting test because we all want to know if our typical Android bear some falls we all happen for us to be more careful (lest thing the smartphone which cost 300-400 euros break at the first tap). Beyond that seems obvious, I should mention that it is always advisable to buy a case to protect the device. Of course he will not "unbreakable", but at least somewhat protected.

As usual in this type of test, the Nexus 4 is dropped from different heights and in different situations familiar to any user: drop a pants pocket as we speak. After these two crashes the phone works perfectly and only has some breaks in the rear, while the screen is not affected by Gorilla Glass 2.

The video was taken with a Samsung Galaxy Note and has several cameras with slow motion replays. It's in German, but you can also enjoy it without problems.

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BENCHMARK IN ANDROID 5.0 PRIMARY KEY LIME PIEGoogle launched Android 4.2 officially only a couple of weeks and so far only officially works on a pair of Nexus devices. We know that time flies in technology, but this is too much. Apparently already appeared the first benchmark of the next version Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie on a Sony LT30i running.

According to information leaked earlier today, we have the first benchmark of a device running a future version of Android. Since information is not there to take it with tweezers but may be of interest.
The device in question is a Sony LT30i (Xperia brother T - LT30p) that is running on Android 5.0.0 NenaMark benchmark test. The smartphone comes with a 720p HD display (1280 x 720 resolution), Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8260 processor at 1.6 GHz and an Adreno 220 GPU.
But is it real? Personally I think it is a fake of a user trying to deceive us. We are all anxious to see the next great leap in Android to version 5.0, but considering that Jelly Bean 4.2 has just been released, I think we are already seeing the first benchmarks of Key Lime Pie .
Some time ago there has been talk that Sony would be working with future Google Nexus device would be the platform for the presentation of Android 5.0 , so it is likely that a Sony device is the first to enjoy the future version of Android, although I doubt that is the Sony LT30i of this leak.

Via: NenaMark
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CHARLI-2 robot dancing Gangnam Style

CHARLI-2 robot dancing Gangnam Style - This humanoid to help fight fires in the future, for now he has learned to dance with style Gangnam Style

CHARLI-2, Gangnam Style

Who does not know by now Gangnam Style? The song (or rather, the accompanying video) and accumulated more than 640 million visits, and nearly 5 million "Like" on YouTube, and that's not counting statistics of the different versions that people all over the world has already made the topic. Well, now we have another version: the robot CHARLI-2 of the Navy, who dances like ... Park Jae Sang (PSY), the protagonist of the famous Korean video.
A firefighter cyber stylish
The humanoid robot CHARLI-2 is about five feet tall (5 feet), and is a compendium of technology that the Navy wants to use in fighting the fire (no major fires outdoors, for now, but rather fire located on a boat), by having good stability, balance, and the possibilities that offers freedom of movement. In addition, the robot can be directed very precisely by its sensors and algorithms, which is very useful in a boat lurches and in which the simple use of cameras may be insufficient if the environmental conditions are hostile. It is expected that early next year, CHARLI-2 is able to walk the halls of a boat, and by the end of 2013 to perform in smoky environments.

The future of the fight against localized fires
CHARLI-2 has been created by engineer Dennis Hong, the Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory at Virginia Tech but not the only robot with which the Navy wants to combat threats to security. They also work with Octavia, a robot with articulated arms, each humanoid, and wheels (which in principle is ruled to dance Gangnam Style), ready to smother small fires indoors, thanks to its infrared sensors and fire extinguisher.
It may seem a waste of money to see a robot CHARLI-2 Gangnam Style dancing, but in reality it is more of a demonstration of capabilities of a mere dance. And in that sense, the potential promise of this robot, but would have to ask them what they think American taxpayers video.

+ info | Wired
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