Nikon D3200, the SLR compatible with Android WiFi

Nikon about the picture quality to mobile devices (currently Android only)

Nikon is on a roll. Or at least it's pointing to future success (if we except the Nikon 1). His latest DSLR, the Nikon D3200 is an evolution of 3100 and has more of everything (basically 24 MPx), but one thing that stands out especially their WiFi communication system compatible with Android devices. What does this mean? ... In short that the photos taken with the D3200 can be transferred to a smartphone or tablet to be edited and shared in a much more simple. The advantages of this we have already discussed at length in this post.
The downside is that to connect the Nikon D3200 with Android team needed an extra accessory, the module on the 1st WU Mobile Wireless Adapter, which has several drawbacks. It carillo, placement leaves a D3200 unwieldy and is only compatible with this camera model. The good news is that the app, plus get photos of the D3200 is also capable of performing basic control allows shoot remotely. The app for IOS come after the summer or so they say.

nikon d3200 wifi WU_1a_

Thanks to this module and its corresponding app makes it easier to share photos on the major social networks, similar to what the Canon Camera Window with your system. Of course, in this case the advantage is that an SLR offers better quality than a compact. Hopefully the rest take note and please, integrate the standard into the camera body.
This video, in perfect Japanese (no translation), gives us an idea of ​​how the Android app with the Nikon D3200.

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