Asus Padfone 2 primer contact

Renews its smartphone Asus convertible tablet, the Padfone 2 with more power, better screen and more manageable

[ Milan ] Less than a year after the filing of the versatile smartphone and tablet expandable reconverted into ultrabook, Asus has decided to revive the idea with the Padfone 2. The Asus Padfone 2 is a powerful Android phone last generation with a peculiar accessory-the Padfone Station, in which inserted, and it becomes a tablet. Basically it is a 10.1 inch screen and a battery that triple the autonomy of smartphone and also recharges it.
If the Padfone Original analyzed in our Videorama liked as a concept, the Padfone 2 is a successful hardware upgrade more powerful, lighter and thinner, which also has placed a pretty interesting: € 799 32GB version including the Padfone Station. That is, for the price of a high end smartphone (with that ability) you get also a tablet. If you have more budget you can opt for the 64 GB to 899 €.

In a first analysis we found a Quadcore Qualcomm processor at 1.5 GHz with 2 GB of RAM and capacities of 32 and 64GB, which are added 50GB of Asus WebStorage (Asus cloud). Integrated communications, through a microSIM, reach LTE networks (wherever they are deployed) and NFC, Bluetooth and b.
Screen elite
The next point, IGZO screen, stands very positively for its sharpness and brightness. 4.7-inch Super IPS technology plus a 550 nits brightness and resolution HD 720 that is protected by the new Fit Glass of Corning. Undoubtedly one of the best we've seen.

Padfone asus

the edge image

The audiovisual section is also pretty well covered. A 13-Megapixel camera with Sony backlight technology can capture bursts of 6 fps up to 100, that is, one minute of real photographic gun. The 1080 Full HD video can fit a HD resolution of 720 to increase its speed to 60 fps and record well in slow motion. Our impression is that it has a fairly correct operation and results.

Android ICS

One of negative surprises has been the OS. The Padfone has Android 4 ICS and a promise to upgrade to 4.1, but our view is that we should come updated. In exchange Asus has developed its own system of handwriting recognition is also capable of operating with two different languages ​​at once through the application SuperNote.

construction and management
The plastic body-in-white or black versions proposes a wedge design with rounded corners and beveled edges with diamond. If we add the backrest with concentric circular texture that improves grip, we find a large terminal but easy to hold and operate, which weighs just 135 grams.

Padfone asus

la clave, electricity PadFone Station

The staff accessory 2 is its unique Padfone Station IPS screen with a docking where you connect the smartphone getting a tablet of 649 grams. By itself is useless, but once connected becomes an option intersante workspace expands to 10.1 inches and 1280 × 800 pixel resolution, and triples with 5000 mAh autonomy extras. His anchoring system-with-13-pin connector is as soft as durable and is without doubt one of the most significant improvements compared to the old model. The most spectacular is its Instant Data Broadcast technology that turns the Padfone Station to detect continuous display from the same point where it was when it worked just as smartphone. This time there is no keyboard that makes him ultrabook nor pointer stylus.

conclusions and launch

Padfone asus

In short and waiting to try it in late December, which is when it reaches the Asus Padfone Spain-2 seems an attractive idea well executed that can fit into a user-ultra mobility and priced from 799 € - despite to be high, ends up being interesting when you consider what it really cost a smartphone and a tablet independently. Now we just have to overcome its pending Asus, being a brand better known and accessible to the public.
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Asus Padfone 2, mobile and modular convertible tablet


Asus bets with smartphones modular force that convertible tablet and ultrabook with the second generation Padfone

The idea of a modular smartphone can become tablet and expand as ultrabook is always an attractive option for those looking for maximum versatility. That's what gave the Asus Padfone we tested a few months ago and what promises to improve the Asus Padfone 2, the second generation of ... This unique multi-device.
Although the official launch is next week, you know, thanks to a leak from Bloomberg TV India-that it is a smartphone with 720 HD screen of 4.7 " and integrates a camera 13 Mpx . The type and number of processor cores as well as its price and other details of'll know soon. Two things if they are safe, the latest hardware will not be cheap.
Recall that the family is the only existing Padfone using your smartphone as a main element that can be inserted into a screen makes tablet (expanding its autonomy) but keeping the data and apps mainspring. Additionally, you can connect a keyboard ultrathin magnetic thereby obtains an ultrabook and tablet double your battery life. So the Asus Padfone can be used as a smartphone, tablet or ultrabook as the need of the moment.

+ Info |  BloombergUTV (YouTube)

Capture-screen-2012-10-13-a-la (s) -19.05.16asus-Padfone-2-pressCapture-screen-2012-10-13-a-la (s) -19.05.33
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Windows 8 already has price

Microsoft unveils prices for different options for Windows 8 ... and remains a real mess

The countdown for the launch of Windows 8 continues. Now it is the turn to the price, or rather the prices of Windows 8 that, in keeping with tradition, are a maze of options and variables that ranges from $ 69.99 to the ...$ 139.99. Microsoft also unveiled the look of the packaging of Windows 8 which consists of a gray box where the only difference is the colorful drawing shown through the new Windows logo. The OS comes in Blu ray optical discs and supports 140 countries, 37 languages ​​and 23 currencies.
Now it lay out calculations and decide whether 32 or 64 bits, upgrade or new installation, whether OEM or end user and of course if it is domestic or professional level. If you do not know which one is yours, do not worry, everything takes time but here's a summary.

  • Windows 8 Professional Upgrade – $69.99
  • Windows 8 Pro Pack - Product Key Card - $ 69.99 Pro becomes basic OEM version
  • Windows 8 (Full Version) – OEM $99.99
  • Windows 8 Pro (Full Version) – OEM $139.99

Prices in Euros have not yet been disclosed but we estimate that they will approach the 80 and 110 € rounding. Yes, the U.S. pre booking is now open. The other option is to wait until 26 October.
+ info | microsoft
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PlayMG launches android based portable console

The Android operating system once again leaves us an example of versatility, environment Adapting to any electronic device capable of holding That is controlling and a version of Android. Not only found in Android smartphones and tablets, but Such as in electronic devices digital clocks, gps compact, compact cameras and is even capable of domotics of a house.

One of the fastest growing fields where Android is at leisure, using a smartphone is not always to make calls and send text messages, But Also to listen to music, play games, enter your social networks, etc ... Again And This makes each tablet devices are called path opened. But we will not Talk About leisure or tablets or smartphones, but a portable gaming console. As we know one of the entertainment has evolved in Android That Have Been the games, we can download from Google Play all kinds of games, from the simplest to the MOST complex with stunning graphics.

Taking advantage of this situation, several companies have Developed the concept of creating an Android-based handheld, as in the case of Droid X360 or famous Ouya. And focusing on the subject matter hereof, discuss PlayMG, Whose brand has created an Android-based portable console. What you can see in the photos, and you can see what it looks like and then we will discuss the technical specifications, important issue to Evaluate your Android device:

  • 4-inch WVGA 480x800
  • Mononucleosis TCC8925 Cortex A5 1GHz processor
  • Dimensionen: 66.1 × 146.8 × 11.9mm
  • 1GB DDR3 RAM memory
  • 4GB internal flash memory
  • 1880mAh battery
  • WiFi 802.11 b / g / n
  • 1.3 megapixel front camera
  • Operating System Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Entry stereo headset 3.5
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Micro USB 2.0
  • Gyroscope, accelerometer, compass

At first sight it has the aesthetics of a handheld, more like a smartphone, as the dimensions and display are the MOST common in any smartphone You have in the current market. The truth Is that the Nintendo DS Lite has two screens in 3 inches, and bearing in mind That this device has 4 inches needs to be more pleasant experience when to playing with it. But we can not forget That Nintendo has Their off-screen keypad and console being Analyzed in MOST games will simply touch, but others come with virtual buttons Within the screen. So That We Can follows That size can be a bit short for my point of view.

Inside it has a performance look quite discrete, a processor mononucleosis not know how to react with high-end games, They Need many device resources. Good thing is equipped with 1 GB of RAM, but it would really bad. The internal memory capacity is not bad, 4 GB can store enough games, but you always Have the option of microSD, so In This sense is not bad. The battery, Considering That the power consumption will be higher processor and display, is well endowed, 1880 mAh, As It Will Be Able to hold a full day of play. I find the notion of using attractive Android 4.0, Given That There are still appearing smartphones with Android 2.3.x, I feel good That will formalize this version. NOTE THAT WIFI Finally, the headphones, the front camera and sensors are good own Android peripherals to finish rounding the device itself.

I do not think the brand That makes this device will Compete with consoles looking laptops on the market today, as PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS, Because nothing more than technical performance is below the supposed competidores, part finance the company has cost product, so we That can see it is a product without a significant investment. But just the fact of wanting to exploit the use of many Android games are becoming increasingly created and stronger in the Android ecosystem, I see it as an idea more than attractive, but we'll see how it works in the market. The only way to get the Android device is the official manufacturer or Amazon, and the starting price will be About 115 euros, but later, becoming 131 euros. If you purchase this product or simply want to learn more about Android games Please enter
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Clipset Podcast number 56, and T Sony Xperia James Bond

Our regular podcast with analysis Funniest T and Sony Xperia Apps of the Week James Bond

This Week  @ CarolinaD  eviscerates a very interesting cell, the Sony Xperia T -the same as used in the new James Bond adventure. A thorough analysis of its powerful camera and NFC functions of one of the terminals that will mark the season. Then  @ Castromil  scrutinizes the world of apps to discover if there are enough apps to ... you become a mobile gadget it 007.
Do not miss it, every Thursday night ... the  podcast Clipset  in 3D Cope. Today's podcast  number 56
+ info | cope3D
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Yesterday I commented on the imminent arrival of Office 2013 for Android . It is certainly great news, and we expect Microsoft to do something really interesting, and introduce something new in the world of Android document editors. The current problem in the office suites for Android, and do not think of Microsoft as An exception is the high cost of allowing editing documents . The price usually exceed 10 euros.
If the price of office suites for Android you think abusive, or will not pay a penny for something that you use on rare occasions, there are free alternatives on Google Play .Today I will do a review of the free office suites Kingsoft Office (free) and Olive Office Premium. Both run on Tablet and mobile.


As its name suggests, and otherwise would lack sense to talk about it in this article, this office suite is free editing function. assert that supports 23 different file types found among DOC / DOCX / TXT / XLS / XLSX / PPT / PPTX / PDF .
A very important feature is the support for storage services like Google Cloud Drive, Dropbox, , and other services based on the WebDAV protocol.
No doubt that is a very valid, useful and functional alternative to applications such payments. Here's a video to see how it works:
Download: Google Play


This indicates that application supports doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx for reading y writing .Also bear alone to read documents pdf . In this case, the list of supported formats are quite lower than the Kingsoft, but are bad enough for them to kind of archives that solemos use.
This application also allows access and editing files that are hosted on Google Drive, Dropbox and Box .
Here's a video to see how it works:
Download: Google Play
Both applications are very interesting and very good alternative payment options like Documents to Go Pro and Quickoffice Pro . Meanwhile are free alternatives for those who do not have to resort to other less reliable sources to have an application with these possibilities. My recommendation is always to try both and decide which best suits your tastes and needs.
Remember that you can also see all of my articles  here .
Which do you prefer? Give us your opinion.
Other items that may interest you: 3 Free Apps for your Android lock
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Vaio T13 é o ultrabook com Windows 8 e touchscreen da Sony

A Sony apresentou uma atualização do Ultrabook T13 rodando o Windows 8 com um painel sensível ao toque.
O Engadget conferiu o aparelho de perto e a versão apresentada conta com um processador Core i7, 8 GB de RAM e SSD de 256 GB. Além de reconhecer os toques, a tela tem resolução de 1.366 por 768 pixels. O modelo apresentado chega às lojas britânicas no dia 26 de outubro por 1.000 libras (aproximadamente 1.600 dólares).
Segundo o Engadget, a primeira impressão não foi das melhores. Por não ser um híbrido, mas sim um ultrabook tradicional, a tela fina e não completamente dobrável não favorece os toques.
Veja abaixo o vídeo (em inglês):
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LG NEXUS, New mages Perfectly Sharp Point to Launch IMMINENT

The leaks about the LG Nexus take several days hogging multiple owners. Many images and specifications but so far had not as sharp as some snapshots that we bring in this article. This makes one suspect that the device's launch is imminent and almost certainly will be on October 29, which has been rumored since a few days.
He has been called Mako LG E960, LG Optimus LG G Nexus and lately Nexus 4 (being a fourth-generation Nexus).
LG Nexus has a version of Android 4.1.2, but most likely it will be updated to Android 4.2 before launch. 4.7 inch screen and resolution of 768 x 1280 pixels, Quad Core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm (likely a Pro S4 as in OptimusG) and 2 GB of RAM, internal storage of 8 GB and 16GB and in theory without slot expansion. Finally, a rear camera is 8 megapixels.
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Huawei and Vodavone have the ascend P1 In SPAIN

Today was the day chosen by the two companies to officially present our country in the terminal and get to try this year in February at MWC. The Ascend P1 or terminal is noted for its balance of benefits such as commented in the introduction. It has a thickness of only 7.69mm and weighing 110.0 g which is evident the first time you take it. It seems to be a toy phone until you see that it really works.
Your screen SuperAMOLED 4.3 "and 540 x 960 pixels with 241ppi , possesses about vivid colors and intense with the añadido be very clear. It possesses a coating Gorilla Glass in its version 2 that it extremely resistente ago scratches on them. dejamos Hemos Bone Engraving in During a video presentation in the live arañan Which really like the screen with a cutter without note that the minimum Achieve raya house. pardoned quality but the light was not very good:
As for the performance of the terminal processor TI OMAP 4460 Dual Core 1.5 GHzaccompanied by a PowerVR SGX540 GPU do fast, very fast along with 1 GB of RAM. That makes no inmute when running demanding games in terms of resources in addition to the accompanying software, among which stands out the video processing in real time, that recognizes faces and modifies its appearance on the fly (similar to Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.x but with more options). Adjusted full integration of all the software with the hardware to get up to 30% of spending less on battery which certainly goes up to 1800 mAh . Finally note the back cover of PPVD that dissipates heat evenly across the surface.
In the photographic section has a high performance. On one side a front camera of 1.3 mega pixels HD ideal for videoconferencing and a very powerful camera of 8 mega pixels rear sensorBSI (Back-illuminated sensor) ideal for low light conditions. It is capable of recording video at 1080p resolution. It has dual LED flash and a multitude of settings including HDR images and one that has drawn much attention, the group photograph. With it, the terminal takes 5 consecutive images detecting faces. Then we can choose in each pose which has had better (no red eyes, closed, etc.) and create one final image with the faces we have selected. The result is truly amazing. Let us not forget his support Dolby Surround ensures excellent audio quality.
In paragraph connectivity that the P1 has a connection MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) for the transmission of audio and video and supports standard DLNA. Its relatively small 4 GB internal storage memory can be expanded to view MicroSD slot up to 32GB with the counts. Edema of Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi 802.11b / 802.11g / 802.11n 850/900/1900/2100 MHz UMTS / AWS, GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and HSPA + 21Mbit / s
So far, almost all already knew. Now our first impression and then for later a more detailed analysis. Our first contact with the P1 has been very satisfactory. When you take it for the first time you hit your measurements and the feeling of thinness. Is accentuated when sopesas and you realize that scarce 110GS are nothing. Touch is nice and like to manage.
In Quadrant test h asacado highest scoring Asus Transformer TF201 is already a landmark.Here's the catch:

The screen is bright and clear and we have seen how people have been seeing it posted him.Reacts quickly to our commands and not 'hooked in no time.' The quality of the camera is also remarkable and the software and accompanying options. Perhaps the projection that hosts the target is the only downside since it protrudes more than we would like and may facilitate scratching the lens. This is easy to avoid putting your face down and Gorilla Glass coating will protect.
The Android version that brings is the 4.0.3 and have assured us that should be updated toAndroid 4.1 Jelly Bean in the first quarter of 2013.
The Ascend P1 is available from October 1st in stores and Vodafone website for both current customers as portability. Here you have the table of rates and prices to give you an idea of ​​what it can cost you.

Keep an eye on the gallery with all the pictures we have prepared:

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Acer launches V5 and M5 ultrabooks with touchscreen

With the release of Windows 8 getting closer and closer, the companies have announced a series of gadgets adapted to the new OS. Several of them have invested in hybrid models, which combine notebook and tablet. Acer, meanwhile, announced that models V5 and M5 will be launched in touchscreen version.
The new version of the M5 will have 14-inch screen and 1366 x 768 pixels. It will come with Intel i5 processor, 6GB of RAM and 500 GB HD, with over 20 GB SSD. The ultrabook battery lasts for up to eight hours of use, according to the manufacturer, and a differential is the optical drive. The V5 touchscreen will have the same size and resolution screen than the M5 and maximum specifications are 15 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 750 GB HDD storage.
The price is $ 800 touchscreen M5 and V5, $ 750. Both go on sale later this month.
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