Razr Maxx Chega Brazil ao na primeira julho week

Com Live lançamento peels scheduled to primeira julho week, or Motorola Razr Maxx Chega ao Brasil com polegadas web 4.3, processador 1.2 GHz dual core e mais uma battery of pseudo provided that antecessor. Com Mesmo configuração identical to do Razr, which included 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal armazenamento, 8 megapixel camera and main com carcaça Kevlar synthetic fiber or fat mais ficou Maxx to shelter the 3,300 mAh battery. São 0.9 cm thin em sua mais part, versus 0.7 inches do previous model.

Mudança Outra é to give full espessura carcaça. Razr not to give Abaixo area muito mais CAMERA E espessa that or do Aparelho remaining. No Maxx essa é mais Diferença subtle, resulting em mais uma confortável stuck. To justify mudança not design, Motorola says that battery nova um ganho ofers 80% national autonomy, but acrescentar muito sem weight. Or Aparelho passou of 125 g to 145 g.

A modified versão Ice Cream Sandwich possui do mais intervenções shy. Com Mesmo own layout for a two Icones maioria to do mistura pure system to interface Motoblur evoluiu com muito. O mais bem result seems fascinating place and fast.
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Android to Android, who wins?

The price of Google Nexus Tablet opens a fight between Android devices

Less than 24 hours, the folks at Google made in the I / O your tablet, Google Nexus 7, as we advance a couple of days. With this tablet Google is next in line to present a proper way to integrate Android devices under the brand Nexus. But this time not on their smartphones competes in the high line of the table, but precisely at a price far below ... the Android tablets of other brands, and of course, the iPad.
And although so far this war touches us, as a matter of geographical location, Google Nexus 7 is to enter the fray with the Kindle Fire, currently the most widely used Android tablet. To do nothing better to control the manufacture of tablet and OS at the same time and place at the same price $ 200. But if we come to Europe and with that price, even with the euro / dollar, the issue is going to get very ugly for the rest of Android competition. Apple may even also have a concern, because Google would be offering for very little money and promising a tablet with a size not currently handle them.
For the same reason, Microsoft Surface is going to have to make great efforts to be in the market. And is that prices still have not given, not expected to compete in any event with a tablet ajustadísima in price and, therefore, highly desirable in these times of crisis.
So while Apple seems well placed in the tablet world, the war will be established between Android devices. Now we just know what the other manufacturers would argue, and what their strategy. More than likely to focus on low cost devices, but maintain as far as possible, the same standards of quality that most high-end equipment. Only then can make a place among the general public.

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How parachute to present the Google Glass Explorer

google glass

Prototypes of the Google Glass Explorer Edition will cost $ 1,500 and you can book 

Another curious product of Google's presentation yesterday were their Augmented Reality glasses Glass Explorer (formerly known as Project Glasses). The developments in this area are not great. The glasses are making good progress in integrating real functions and to prove nothing like a live performance. So neither short nor lazy members of the development team have taken the Glass Explorer, has been hooked Glass Explorer and after getting on a plane, have thrown in ... parachute over the convention center where they celebrated the event. 

It was amazing the live broadcast and live the decline seen through this unique gadget in one of the most spectacular demonstrations have been in this type of technology events. With the things I could have missed (I would say Microsoft and its famous blue screen and the like), luck sided with Google and everything went as planned. There is also this other video showing a jump test which also was the co-founder of Google Sergey Brin. 

Sergey Brin himself gave few other details on Glass in the I / O keynote as recording photographs and video camera, touchpad control system, processor power or new communication channels that can open Glass. Nothing really we did not know already. 
As if progress has been is getting a Glass Explorer Edition. Be the first Android developer. The second $ 1,500 available for trade for a Glass Explorer beta, ie prototype, with which to start developing your ideas for the future. The third thing to be assistant to the I / O keynote this year. And finally live in the U.S. since it seems that moento existean some restrictions, ie problems for export. The pre-booking (to be delivered to early 2013) is now open so hurry because otherwise you will have to wait a while yet undefined to access a final model, which is that Google still has no idea of ​​when they have a commercial version. 

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Samsung MontBlanc Plus, the WiFi and air conditioning controlled from the mobile


Check the air conditioning from your smartphone is now possible

Automation Ah! damn that word that everything he touches delayed 10 years or more. Almost better not mention it when speaking of the new climate control (read air conditioning heat pump) from Samsung, the MontBlanc Plus. This unique climate control system ... has a WiFi module capable of receiving orders directly from an app available for Android smartphones, IOS and Blackberry. The Smart Air Conditioner app controls the system through Smart WiFi and can act on the operating modes, temperature and other settings.
This means that with the phone and from anywhere in the world can you control the Samsung MontBlanc Plus. Through this we have at least two things, firstly to avoid the need for a more remote walking around the house and on the other (and more important) to put the air conditioning for a while before you get home and thereby optimizing the time operation and performance.

Otherwise MontBlanc Plus is an air conditioner with high added value that uses inverter motors, giving it a quality
and improved performance, as well as purifying filters and air distribution mechanism given the title of climate. It is also an energy efficient appliance and is also one of the air conditioners quietest (or so they say from Samsung)

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Garmin Swim, sports watch for swimmers

Reloj Garmin Swim

Monitor your exercise swimming Garmin Swim with the clock

Summer has arrived, clipetes! And with it comes the heat, and heat, eager to soak, and with them ... the pool and the little beach! If you are someone who enjoyed stroking the water without stopping, you're in luck: first, because surely you do not need the operation bikini. And second, because Garmin has just released a watch model that will be very useful while you swim, the Swim Garmin.
This watch is designed to not have to worry about keeping track of the laps you do, distance, or time. He alone will handle everything, so you can concentrate on doing the best exercise and refine your technique. The Garmin automatically detects Swim with what kind of style you're swimming (butterfly, crawl, etc..), And record the distances you travel, the strokes, time, calories burned, and even measure your score SWOLF to help you meet your efficiency swimming, so you can perfect your exercise. In addition, the clock goes up wirelessly (using ANT and thanks to the small USB stick that goes with it) your workout to Garmin Connect, so you can consult when you want, or share them with friends, with your trainer.
Want more information? This fellow water has 6 buttons for your quick and easy use, is waterproof to 50m under water, weighs 40 grams and features a slim profile so that its impact on your swimming is minimal. Its price is around $ 150 (currently only available in the U.S.), and its battery gives a range of about a year.

If you love swimming, summer is the optimal time to give you a whim and the Garmin autorregalarte Swim. At least this is a gadget that will not have to separate yourself even under water.

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Speakers Hannes Harms, the world's thinnest

The designer of the Royal College of Art creates speakers 0.5 mm thick 

Advancing what could be the future speaker, the industrial designer Hannes Harms has created an incredible boombox less than an inch thick. Yes, you read that right, a speaker virtually flat with a beautiful design, in which electric and acoustic components are integrated into ... a perforated stainless steel sheet of 0.5 mm thick. 
The designer of the Royal College of Art and want to achieve more sustainable manufacturing processes, reducing the volume and size of the materials used. Also allows for storage and shipping much more efficient, because the chassis is mounted in one plane and then the user can fold it pre-marked lines to mount the base of support. Come on, as I see the same thing Ikea wants to make your next sound system.

Hannes's team uses an innovative speaker system plastic film instead of the typical cone speaker. Now what remains to be seen, or rather hear, is if you get a quality audio at least decent, because although we know that there is a hi-fi, yes that should sound well enough to be worth your purchase. If we did not miss a piece of design as beautiful as useless. 
The speaker, with a touch pad built into the base of the chassis, is under development. Hopefully it goes on sale because that design and especially the reduced thickness has a very interesting painting. 

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Google gets cracking on Girl with Nexus 7

Google introduced the Nexus tablet 7, which promises to give a lot of trouble

As we mentioned a couple of days, Google has presented its tablet, the Google Nexus 7. This presentation takes place at around Google I / O, an annual gathering of developers being held in San Francisco from 27 to 29 June ...
Asus has put hardware on this occasion (of course controlled by Google) for a tablet Nexus 7 "with a resolution of 1280 × 800, that is HD. A screen size set to the already staked its brands such as RIM Playbook and Amazon with its Kindle Fire, its main competitor.
The inside has a processing incorporating Tegra 3 4 cores, plus a fifth core low-power, which basically serves to optimize the work done the other 4 in the corresponding processes. Of course Android is based on and incorporates the latest operating system from Google, Jelly Bean version 4.1, which has been presented at this event. This version includes among other things, magazines and subscriptions to, and a system of movies available in full HD, which will enrich the use of the tablet.
It connects to the Internet via WiFi and also has Bluetooth and NFC for payment by the device, among other things. Integrated accelerometer, microphone, GPS and gyroscope. It has a front camera and its battery promises 9 hours of HD video playback autonomy (4325 mAh). A somewhat optimistic forecast that we hope to test soon.
Finally another advantage is its weight, 340g which together with the 7 inch size, are ideal for carrying in a bag.
But most important is undoubtedly the price, $ 199, with which Google competes directly with the successful Amazon Kindle Fire. With an additional advantage is that in mid-July and will be available with new operating system, more careful search, a new interface Butter Project, and the hand of the king Android, Google
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[AMAZING] All Multipurpose keyboards # Videorama mini

Looking for a keyboard for your pileup? Bazaar keyboards to any gadget

Keyboard or keyboard does not? Some gadgets are designed for use with the finger, and some others have buttons to keyboard. But there will always be an occasion when you want to use a keyboard with all your letters and this is where we got into the lab for ... Clipset select four keyboards. The Cyborg v7, Solar Logitech keyboard folio, Motorola kz 450y the Rii mini i6. Four keyboards as different as useful and offer versatility for writing TV, smartphones, tablet, consoles and computers.


  • Cyborg v7

USB keyboard for gamers. € 65. more info + info
  • Solar Logitech keyboard sheet

Keyboard Case for iPad with solar charging. € 130. more info + info
  • Motorola kz 450

Ultraslim Bluetooth keyboard for tablet and smartphones. € 70. more info + info
Rii mini i6
mini bluetooth keyboard and infrared remote control for TV, smartphones, tablet, consoles and computers. € 30. more info

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Futurama in the Real World ™

The head of Futurama animated by hand ... and tentacles.
Comedy Central is promoting the upcoming season of Futurama in a fairly 1.0. The proposal is an ad that simulates the original Futurama intro but recreated in the style of the old school of animation, that is ... without computers or virtual cartoon or anything. To record the head of Futurama have made ​​all the stages of New New York in paper models and have encouraged hand. A fun way to start a Monday.

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Lego Turing Machine, Turing Machine celebrates its anniversary

If LEGO Turing had had everything would have been easier

To celebrate the birth of Alan Turing, Jeroen van den Bos and Davy Landman created his famous Turing machine using LEGO NXT and computer system.
The Turing machine, for who does not know ... the basis of the performance of microprocessors and computers. It is a theoretical system capable of using a set of predefined rules and apply them on a set of input data to generate a final result that was returned to the user as output data.
A device that Turing curiously never made it to materialize due to technical limitations of his time and would have been a birthday gift as geek. The downside is that being a particular creation is not for sale.

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