Galaxy S3, analysis of 10 key points

samsung galaxy s3

What is the best and the worst of the Galaxy Samsung S3?

After a first contact something rash (among a jumble of more than 3,000 journalists) S3 with the Galaxy and we proceeded to our usual analysis of pros and cons. Their slogan "created for humans" gives us a clue to what the orientation with which the Galaxy SIII want to differentiate. Samsung has taken to the extreme hardware specifications that can be integrated on a smartphone and has therefore begun to ... improve the ecosystem functions. Let the best and the worst of the new Galaxy S3:

samsung galaxy s3

  1. Exynos processor 4. There is little to say about it. One of the most powerful mobile microprocessor with reduced consumption when compared to their predecessors. Has yet to show what he can do, but the first steps are interesting and get a real quad core computer in your pocket.
  2. Plus HD super AMOLED screen is the center of the controversy. Its size of 4.8 "diagonal is great for some and a hell of ergonomics for others. Do not confuse its technical offering HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels with image quality really high with the size is sometimes difficult to handle. True that there are other less Android inches, but not the Galaxy S3.
  3. Battery of 2,100 mAh escada again a key point. The most powerful energy source in any smartphone of the moment has to provide power to a quad core processor and what is more critical, to a large screen of 4.8 ". As much as to improve its consumption remains the main obstacle in finding a comfortable range, but from Samsung claim a full day at peak performance. Be seen whether it gets
  4. Organic design with curved edges and materials (including finishing HyperGlazed) remain stronger than the classical lightness of Samsung, only 133g. An important detail when you consider that a screen of 4.8 "is not always easy to handle. By the way, has a central physical button.
  5. S Voice. Halfway between the voice commands of Android and the natural language of Apple's Siri, S Voice is the voice recognition service with which you can interact with the terminal, giving orders or asking for information. The advantage is that it is available in 8 languages ​​including Spanish, European and American Spanish. Contrast is not as effective, or support a level of language too complex, at least in the first tests.
  6. Biometric sensors accessories. Mentioned only obliquely seems a great idea to create a line of accessories that turn our phone into a monitoring system of our health. Both for those athletes and those with chronic illness, and in general for any user, biometric monitoring may allow a higher quality of life. It is without doubt one of the areas of future growth in mobile phones.
  7. Stay Smart. A set of technologies difficult to categorize but gathers information from multiple sensors to detect what the attitude of the user (attention, actions, position) and act accordingly. If the camera detects that you are not watching the screen, it switches off to save power or if you're reading lying, does not rotate the screen but keeps the same orientation as the eyes.
  8. S Beam. The S Beam combines direct and Wi-Fi technology to connect to another NFC handset with S Beam (eg Galaxy Nexus) by contact and securely transferring files and data fast. It is faster than Bluetooth but it requires a smaller distance between smartphones to function.
  9. All Share in Cast and Play version allows you to send and play content, especially media such as movies, pictures or music to televisions, computers and tablets in a direct and simple. It is an idea similar to Apple's AirPlay and seeks to centralize the control of our mobile digital lifestyle.
  10. Wireless charging. The induction charging, ie wireless is not at all a new technology but perhaps Samsung now give the necessary impetus to achieve to become a standard option (not an option as it is now). Remove the wires is always a good idea, but be careful, with the option of recharging classic.
We have not forgotten that despite the rumors pointed to the presentation of a service "cloud" storage and synchronization in the cloud to the Galaxy S3. Surely one would have said that would be a copy of Apple's icloud, but regardless of this fact is that logical that Samsung would result submit a service like this soon, as it would unify content across multiple devices easily and wireless so happen to be vigilant.

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