LG OLED TV 3D Cinema 55 "flat screen more


LG OLED screen has the largest and world's thinnest luxury on TV.

LG was presented at CES, but now when the great TV OLED 55 "inch is selling at a price close to 9,000 and we could discuss it with more ease. This screen offers the ultimate luxury in embedded technology, but especially a spectacular design ... almost no border, just 1 mm, which makes images "float" and an exceptional thickness of only 4 mm (less than a pencil).

Clearly not a screen Trara any, is the largest OLED panel in the world. To get in position the imaging system OLED (Organic LED) backlight panel does not need and which are those pixels of each color (red eye also, green, blue or white is white RGBW LED) which autoiluminan. The most immediate result, an ultra-thin TV with a colorful image, brightness and contrast, which is directly related to the definition and also looks perfect from any viewing angle (up to only see the song, of course).

The LG 55EM9600, it's called, consists of two parts, first OLED panel itself and the other the base containing all the electronics and connections. Both parts are connected by three wires (two of them transparent) and configuration can be mounted on wall or desktop. By the way the event was sponsored by Sebatian Vettel, Gemma Sanderson and Jean Jacques Annaud that got away from the photo.

oled LG

In total about 10 kilos of circuits with Full HD resolution, passive 3D Cinema LG, Internet access with Smart TV, a drink of 0.02 milliseconds, two 15-watt speakers and a complete connectivity including 4 HDMI, PCMCIA, three USB , digital audio jack. It has puzzled the fiber optic system that carries the AV signal from the base to the panel and the power cord that might have been solved more elegantly in a single cable, but hey, get a little defect is.

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AVIC-ZH99/AVIC-VH99 Pioneer GPS, augmented reality on the windshield

Pioneer manufactures the first browser that combines Augmented Reality and HUD

The consumer electronics firm Pioneer has introduced the new GPS navigators Cyber ​​Navi series, offering Augmented Reality technology that we saw in previous models. But, this time adds the possibility to enjoy it directly on the windshield of the car through technology HUD (Head Up Display), achieving a similar effect ... to be playing in the living room with the latest installment of Gran Turismo.
This is achieved by a projector with a special translucent visor which is placed in the visor area of ​​the conductor, being in front of the eye. The projector, connected to the central unit via Bluetooth, issues relevant images for driving on the screen using laser technology. The effect is a crisp, full-color 90 x 30 cm in front of our eyes, with a resolution of 720 × 260 pixels, which provides information such as route, speed limits, traffic information, etc..
The projector, manufactured by Microvision, automatically adjusts image brightness based on ambient light. The GPS Pioneer also offers DVD playback, connection to Apple devices, and is compatible with front-view camera to combine real images with Augmented Reality in the browser screen.

For now these two models of Cyber ​​Navi series will be available in Japan from July, at prices estimated $ 3,765 AVIC-ZH99 HUD and $ 4,015 AVIC-VH99 HUD.
We do not know if you come to Europe, but we raise some doubts, not about compatibility, since it seems that may be installed in 70% of existing vehicles, but on the security provided by such systems, perhaps because too information and that size in such a critical area for the driver's vision can cause distractions and lack of concentration. We leave you with a video demo to judge for yourself

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Samsung launches TV with voice commands and gestures

Modelo Samsung LED 55" ES8000
Model Samsung LED 55 "ES8000 On Friday, the 18th, the first LED TVs and Plasma technology with voice commands and gestures come to Brazil. The devices do not require the use of remote control and some functions can be controlled by voice or facial recognition as the TV on and off, change volume, change channels and navigate the Internet. There are two TV series launched by Samsung, the ES7000 and ES8000, which have ultrathin bezel, integrated webcam with HD quality, 3D technology (pairs of glasses included), dual-core processor and USB port to connect keyboard and mouse.

Modelo Samsung LED 55" ES7000

Model Samsung LED 55 "ES7000 Models are available starting today in major retail stores in the country by price: ES8000 Series LED Slim 46 "Plasma and R $ 6,499.00 55" U.S. $ 8699.00, ES7000 Series LED Slim 46 "R $ 5,999, Plasma 00 and 55 "R $ 8,199.00.
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HDR Comparison of One X versus HTC iPhone 4S

HDR comparativo del HTC ONe X frente al iPhone 4S

Is it as good the HTC HDR One X? The iPhone 4S face to see which makes better photos

In the Taiwanese HTC MWC made a presentation in which he claimed that his camera X One was great and had improved the results dramatically. More or less business as usual in these presentations until they dared to make a direct comparison as HDR (high dynamic range) with the iPhone's camera 4S. To illustrate the superiority of HTC used ... compared a series of photos where everything was suspected of handling from the exaggeration of the results until two cameras with different focal were able to obtain an identical photo.
Now that chance has come at One HTC to Clipset a lab, we conducted a comparative rapid real, that is really between HTC Camera One X and the iPhone 4S. The test conditions were activated HDR exposure mode and auto white balance with the same light conditions in both cases. These are the results (the HTC One X above and below the iPhone 4s)

htc one x
The HTC One gets a widescreen picture with apparently correct exposure seems more colorful (mostly seen in its bright OLED display) but can appreciate a lower level of detail in high contrast areas. The iPhone 4S seems to combine more adequately capture HDR but the result seems a little underexposed, but already we see a higher quality in the details.

iphone4s HDR
If we see an extended cut of the center can more easily analyze the results of each smartphone

htc one x
One detail of HTC is well below the offered by the iPhone both in sharpness as in definition, with an obvious overflow error lights, ie, the excess of light 'come' shadow detail. Meanwhile the iPhone 4S keeps much more information on the details to the light as the leaves of the trees, just where the HDR should do its job. The difference in edge definition and color is remarkable.

iphone4s HDR
Finally we make a capture of a color chart to assess both the fidelity as the white balance of each device.

The HTC One more saturated colors and has a good white balance, although the HDR exaggerates the contrast of the white background 4S The iPhone is more soft and natural colors and seems to maintain a warm touch in the white balance.

This test is far from being a lab, but it can give a first approximation to the results of HTC Camera One X and iPhone 4S. But above makes clear that this must not always believe what the propaganda says that HTC seems quite exaggerated the qualities of your camera.

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MK802 is a Chinese PC with Android in a pen drive

Like Cotton Candy, the Chinese unit is a full computer running Android. The Chinese solution offers two advantages over its competitor Scandinavian price and availability in the U.S.. The MK802 is sold for $ 74, $ 199 from the Cotton Candy. Moreover, the setting is lower. Android to run the small pen drive has a Chinese Allwinner A10 Processor 1.5 GHz, 512 MB ​​RAM, 4 GB of storage and an HDMI port.

Assim como o Cotton Candy, esse aparelho chinês  é um computador completo rodando o Android.
A solução chinesa oferece duas vantagens em relação a seu concorrente escandinavo: preço e disponibilidade nos EUA. O MK802 é vendido por 74 dólares, contra 199 dólares do Cotton Candy. Por outro lado, a configuração é inferior. Para rodar o Android o pequeno pen drive chinês conta com um processador Allwinner A10 de 1,5 GHz, 512 MB de RAM, 4 GB de armazenamento e uma porta HDMI.
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Galaxy S II Lite has a good relationship between cost and benefit

Samsung decided to capitalize on the success of the Galaxy S II in the Brazilian market and launch a cheaper machine, but it maintains the quality of his brother-end in many ways, the Galaxy S II Lite. Armed with a dual core processor at 1 GHz, this device does not present any choking to run Android 2.3 that the first time. The 768 MB of RAM seem to do the trick. The 5 megapixel camera, as expected, produces a satisfactory result, but lower than that obtained with the Galaxy S II. However, the result is higher than in the Galaxy X, which also features a 5 MP camera.
999 free real negotiated the contract, the S II Lite is a great device firm as an intermediary, since its configuration is not ugly in the face of competitors like Xperia Mini Pro and the new family Optimus from LG. The complete test of the Galaxy S II Lite will be published in our Reviews channel.
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Spectre HP XT, luxury and design ultrabook


HP puts the Spectre XT to match the MacBook Air ... but with Windows 7, clear

[Shanghai] HP has revamped its line of sleekbook and ultrabook and has placed the Spectre HP XT as their flagship in terms of design and performance. The Spectre XT HP has Ivy Bridge processors third generation of Intel Core Duo, a 13 "screen and will be available from € 1,199 ... sometime before the summer.


Other features of Spectre XT are its 4 GB of RAM, the SSD of 128 GB GB/256 and its 8 hours of battery life by about 1.39 kilograms covered by a metal casing very attractive. The backlit keyboard is spacious and the trackpad is slightly sunk into the surface and connectivity features typical of these teams: 2x USB 3.0, HDMI, ethernet, SD slot and audio. Integra Wireless Display technology (WiDi) Intel Beats Audio and HD webcam
The Spectre XT is very similar to Sleekbook and Envy Envy Ultrabook, which in turn resemble Apple MacBook their curved edges and the wedge profile a thickness of about 15.4 millimeters, although the hinge has with a completely different system. Therefore we could consider the Spectre as one of the rival Apple ultrabook Windows.

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HP Officejet 150 Mobile All-in-One, printer portable scanner


HP Officejet 150, your work where you please

[Shanghai] We had portable printers, scanners had personal and now HP has decided to combine the teams into one philosophy maintaining portability. The result is the first MFP in the world, the HP Officejet 150 Mobile designed for professionals who need both mobility tools for printing, scanning and copying in any situation.
The HP Officejet 150 Mobile has a lithium ion battery that can print about 500 pages and can be connected via Bluetooth to mobile phones for example, which can become an interesting solution for campaign offices.
Its quality and speed do not compete with desktop models but claims speeds up to 22 ppm ppm color negro/18 and ISO speeds up to 5 ppm in black / 3.5 ppm in color. For its part, scanning is performed by a roller system and this is operated from a touch screen 6 cm. Its price is 399 €, something veneer compared to conventional models, but can be useful in certain sectors.

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Sony launches Xperia phone with 13 MP camera

Sony today announced two new phones to its line Xperia and will be released only in the Japanese market. The models Xperia Xperia SX and GX have 4G (LTE), running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and dual-core processor with 1.5 GHz The highlight is the Xperia GX device that has 13 megapixel camera that records HD video and create panoramic images in 3D, 4.6-inch touchscreen display and 16GB internal storage. The model is the most powerful ever released by Sony so far. Since the Xperia SX is a little smaller and, according to Sony, it would be 4G smartphone world's lightest weighing 95 grams. The device has 3.7 inch screen, 8MP camera and 8GB internal memory. The devices will be launched by Sony in Japan only from the second half of this year. Prices were not disclosed.
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Apple and Samsung share the 99% of the benefits of the smartphone market

mobile grow benefits

Only three manufacturers get 100% of profits in the world of smartphones

Although Apple only ranked third in sales of smartphones with the iPhone, things change a lot when viewed from a different perspective. And this is what they have done in Asymco, where they have carried out a study which reveals that the iPhone is 73% of the profit generated in the smartphone market, that is ... that is the most money gets to its manufacturer.
If this sounds spectacular (and note that it is), it is also interesting to find that Samsung gets 26% of these benefits and HTC with a tiny 1%. The rest of the manufacturers (Nokia, RIM, Motorola, Sony, LG, etc..) Appear to generate profits with their smartphones.
To put these figures to percentages, Apple and Samsung last year got 5,300 million in Q1 and now have pocketed 14,400 million in the first quarter of 2012. An increase really important. Not to mention that the graph has, since 2007, where Nokia was the clear winner as far as benefits are concerned, what has taken a radical turn in late 2011. Draw your own conclusions.

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The FBI wants access to all accounts secret of Facebook, Twitter and more

back door fbi

Can the U.S. government monitor Internet as his own? The FBI thinks so

The Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States, better known as FBI, has shown interest in having unlimited access to all secret social networking and communication services as Unveils Internet Web CNET. This type of access known as "back door" between hackers can access all the information ... any person in any account of any network.
And that is precisely what you want to get the FBI forcing change in the law of electronic surveillance (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act) governing such electronic eavesdropping. The new text would include that all VoIP services, e-mail and of course the famous social networking to incorporate a secret entrance that would be accessible to FBI investigators. It would need a court order to access the information through the back door, but that does not guarantee good use by the FBI and the existence of such access could facilitate the theft of information from them to find how cybercriminals to use the back door.

back door fbi
The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the first to have sounded the alarm and in principle as with the refusal of big companies like Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft, but this is only the beginning. The war of influences can be much more dramatic than with other laws such as SOUP and the FBI has already begun to move their lobbies.
But the real question is whether the Internet can be controlled by the U.S. at such a high level. It's no secret that large Internet companies are American and that means abide by a set of rules to use (the famous signature EULA that all but no one reads), but then to allow access to all our secret information to the agency Intelligence is definitely a country too. In the past the Patriot Act raised quite a stir on the right to privacy or the obligation to inform the Internet when you scrutinize the data from the U.S. and this promises to be no less.

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Galaxy S3, analysis of 10 key points

samsung galaxy s3

What is the best and the worst of the Galaxy Samsung S3?

After a first contact something rash (among a jumble of more than 3,000 journalists) S3 with the Galaxy and we proceeded to our usual analysis of pros and cons. Their slogan "created for humans" gives us a clue to what the orientation with which the Galaxy SIII want to differentiate. Samsung has taken to the extreme hardware specifications that can be integrated on a smartphone and has therefore begun to ... improve the ecosystem functions. Let the best and the worst of the new Galaxy S3:

samsung galaxy s3

  1. Exynos processor 4. There is little to say about it. One of the most powerful mobile microprocessor with reduced consumption when compared to their predecessors. Has yet to show what he can do, but the first steps are interesting and get a real quad core computer in your pocket.
  2. Plus HD super AMOLED screen is the center of the controversy. Its size of 4.8 "diagonal is great for some and a hell of ergonomics for others. Do not confuse its technical offering HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels with image quality really high with the size is sometimes difficult to handle. True that there are other less Android inches, but not the Galaxy S3.
  3. Battery of 2,100 mAh escada again a key point. The most powerful energy source in any smartphone of the moment has to provide power to a quad core processor and what is more critical, to a large screen of 4.8 ". As much as to improve its consumption remains the main obstacle in finding a comfortable range, but from Samsung claim a full day at peak performance. Be seen whether it gets
  4. Organic design with curved edges and materials (including finishing HyperGlazed) remain stronger than the classical lightness of Samsung, only 133g. An important detail when you consider that a screen of 4.8 "is not always easy to handle. By the way, has a central physical button.
  5. S Voice. Halfway between the voice commands of Android and the natural language of Apple's Siri, S Voice is the voice recognition service with which you can interact with the terminal, giving orders or asking for information. The advantage is that it is available in 8 languages ​​including Spanish, European and American Spanish. Contrast is not as effective, or support a level of language too complex, at least in the first tests.
  6. Biometric sensors accessories. Mentioned only obliquely seems a great idea to create a line of accessories that turn our phone into a monitoring system of our health. Both for those athletes and those with chronic illness, and in general for any user, biometric monitoring may allow a higher quality of life. It is without doubt one of the areas of future growth in mobile phones.
  7. Stay Smart. A set of technologies difficult to categorize but gathers information from multiple sensors to detect what the attitude of the user (attention, actions, position) and act accordingly. If the camera detects that you are not watching the screen, it switches off to save power or if you're reading lying, does not rotate the screen but keeps the same orientation as the eyes.
  8. S Beam. The S Beam combines direct and Wi-Fi technology to connect to another NFC handset with S Beam (eg Galaxy Nexus) by contact and securely transferring files and data fast. It is faster than Bluetooth but it requires a smaller distance between smartphones to function.
  9. All Share in Cast and Play version allows you to send and play content, especially media such as movies, pictures or music to televisions, computers and tablets in a direct and simple. It is an idea similar to Apple's AirPlay and seeks to centralize the control of our mobile digital lifestyle.
  10. Wireless charging. The induction charging, ie wireless is not at all a new technology but perhaps Samsung now give the necessary impetus to achieve to become a standard option (not an option as it is now). Remove the wires is always a good idea, but be careful, with the option of recharging classic.
We have not forgotten that despite the rumors pointed to the presentation of a service "cloud" storage and synchronization in the cloud to the Galaxy S3. Surely one would have said that would be a copy of Apple's icloud, but regardless of this fact is that logical that Samsung would result submit a service like this soon, as it would unify content across multiple devices easily and wireless so happen to be vigilant.

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Gifts for Mother's Day: E-Readers eBooks

e reader

We offer 5 options of e-readers to upgrade your mother.

He approaches the first Sunday in May, and as each year comes the opportunity for you show your mother how much you love her. In Clipset are willing to lend a hand and for that we are going to propose today on successive days and different gift ideas in technology, because the use of flowers and chocolates already seen too.
We begin our recommendations with a classic gifts, books, but ... in its most modern and technological, that is, electronic book readers or e-readers. We chose 5 models to choose from you, and without further ado, we turn to comment.

Kindle Touch.
It is the latest version of the Touch and ebook reader best-selling Amazon's Kindle. The Kindle Touch screen technology has an E-Ink, 6-inch multi-touch, for easier handling and intuitive. It has Wi-Fi to download books from Amazon's store without a computer. Your mother can store up to 3000 books in the 4 GB of internal storage you have, a whole library in just 213 grams in weight. The battery allows use of half an hour daily for 2 months, with the WiFi turned off, though.
Its value for money is their main asset, as we have 129 euros for a player with a good screen and a robust hardware and fast. There is a 3G model that goes up to 189 euros, and non-touch model, which remains at 99 euros.

Sony PRS-T1
If your mother is one that they trust brands life, you can give the Sony Reader, which has a very attractive design, a 6-inch touch screen, also with E-Ink technology and resolution of 600 × 800 pixels with 16 gray levels (similar to the Kindle), which gives the appearance of screen real paper without glare and without eyestrain. It is ideal if your mother used to carry too much in the bag, because the PRS-T1 weighs only 168 grams and is 9 mm thick. It comes with 2 GB of internal memory, although in this case we have microSD card slot, which can be used not only for books, but music files (mp3) or photos (JPEG, GIF), as the reader is able to reproduce.
The battery promises a use of 1 month with the Wi-Fi off, and its price is considerably higher than the Kindle, 180 euros.

Tagus-Casa del Libro
The famous bookstore chain Casa del Libro has joined fashion stores that distribute their own device to the Tagus, an e-reader with 6-inch touchscreen, SiPix Technology with 2GB expandable via microSD card, autonomy about 15 days and 244 grams. It also plays audio files and comes with Wi-Fi connection for downloading books that can be done easily from the platform of the same name (Tagus), which also allows storage of the books in the cloud, and access to the same both online and downloaded to any device (eReader, tablet, smartphone). The price is 119 euros

Libro Electrónico Fnac
If your mother is more modernilla and is more usual that Fnac Book House, do not worry, because the French also have their own reader. Shares almost everything with the previous model, both manufacturer (Bq), benefits, even the same weight. It varies a little design, platform and buying books, in this case Fnac.es.

Bq Avant XL
All of the above players have a screen size that maybe your mother is too small, so we offer you the option to give away this Bq Avant XL with a 9-inch touch screen, so that reading will make it easier . It is not the ideal to carry around, because in addition to the higher size, weighs 446 grams, but will not change the view, and you can comfortably read digital newspapers, magazines, and books. It has Wi-Fi, 2 GB of internal memory expandable with microSD, and play music and photos.
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