About Technogob

Technogob an online news portal on the latest technology and gadgets are hot on talk that focuses on international readership. Technogob news updated 24 hours and get a visit of more than 1 million pageviews per month (Source: Google Analytics).

Technogob has a variety of general news content, technology, lifestyle, gadgets, updates, downloads and other content. Technogob is also one of the first portal that delivers innovative mobile content (mobile). Our readers are professionals, office workers, businessmen, politicians, students, and housewives.

Technogob news content was written by sharp, short, dense, and dynamically in response to community demands an increasingly efficient in reading the news techno. Besides the online news portal concept is also increasingly becoming the choice of the people because of their up-to-date and report the latest technology updates and releases instantly on the spot so that people do not have to wait until the next day to read the news and the most popular.

Technogob formally established on 27 April 2011 and is the forerunner of online businesses both owned faza Bachkim, after Android App Markets, a student activist and journalist in Indonesia. faza bachkim also owns and manages online media businesses Android Shop, as well as a number of other media businesses

Apart from that, the number of Internet users reached 25 million (Source: Data APJII per 2005) is expected to continue to grow significantly in coming years.

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