Dre Studio headphones Colorware launches for $ 1,000

The Dre Studio was already known for its beautiful design products and high prices. Now, however, the brand decided to leave the monochrome theme that gave fame to the Beats by Dre headphones and launched a limited edition, the Colorware Beats Illusion Collection.

The main feature of the phone, in addition to the price of one thousand dollars, is the design: there are three models with color gradient. The options are from blue to red, red to gold and gold for silver. The thing you will notice, however, is the effect of "illusion" that can make the colors as they appear different depending on the angle they are viewed. There are variations such as "radiant blue and cold," for example.

The handsets are already available for purchase by Dre Studio site and deliveries to begin in two or three weeks.

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