LG OLED TV 3D Cinema 55 "flat screen more


LG OLED screen has the largest and world's thinnest luxury on TV.

LG was presented at CES, but now when the great TV OLED 55 "inch is selling at a price close to 9,000 and we could discuss it with more ease. This screen offers the ultimate luxury in embedded technology, but especially a spectacular design ... almost no border, just 1 mm, which makes images "float" and an exceptional thickness of only 4 mm (less than a pencil).

Clearly not a screen Trara any, is the largest OLED panel in the world. To get in position the imaging system OLED (Organic LED) backlight panel does not need and which are those pixels of each color (red eye also, green, blue or white is white RGBW LED) which autoiluminan. The most immediate result, an ultra-thin TV with a colorful image, brightness and contrast, which is directly related to the definition and also looks perfect from any viewing angle (up to only see the song, of course).

The LG 55EM9600, it's called, consists of two parts, first OLED panel itself and the other the base containing all the electronics and connections. Both parts are connected by three wires (two of them transparent) and configuration can be mounted on wall or desktop. By the way the event was sponsored by Sebatian Vettel, Gemma Sanderson and Jean Jacques Annaud that got away from the photo.

oled LG

In total about 10 kilos of circuits with Full HD resolution, passive 3D Cinema LG, Internet access with Smart TV, a drink of 0.02 milliseconds, two 15-watt speakers and a complete connectivity including 4 HDMI, PCMCIA, three USB , digital audio jack. It has puzzled the fiber optic system that carries the AV signal from the base to the panel and the power cord that might have been solved more elegantly in a single cable, but hey, get a little defect is.

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