BlackBerry Dev Alpha 10, the RIM touchscreen phone for developers only

blackberry 10 dev alpha

RIM BlackBerry facing your 10 Dev Alpha against iPhone and Android.

RIM today announced its commitment to the future, the BlackBerry OS 10. RIM BlackBerry with 10 attempts to retrieve the lure (and market) lost their latest handsets that have failed to prevent the escape of its regular users to other platforms. BlackBerry OS 10 has been allowed to see a ... smartphone, the BlackBerry Dev Alpha 10, who never hit the market as it is a device available to developers only.


The BlackBerry BlackBerry World say the 10 is not only a mobile, but is a whole new platform aimed at other sectors such as automotive or industrial. But surely, to be successful will have to first convince ordinary consumers and BlackBerry Dev Alpha 10 might be a good idea. The problem is that the BlackBerry roadmap 10 does not have a defined landing date (late 2012?) And also comes with 5 years late to a market where even a giant like Microsoft is slogging to gain a foothold against iPhones and Androids. Along the way will also have to convince developers the benefits of creating apps for this new platform, which does not seem at all easy, really.

bb10 dev alpha

The BlackBerry Dev Alpha 10 has a 4.2-inch screen (1280 x 768), 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB storage which you can add microSD cards. This interesting terminal is complemented by a mini-HDMI port, NFC system, one 3.5 mm and a front camera. You could almost call it a mini playbook as it shares the frame finishes and touch (hopefully with better luck). The idea is that the first commercial smartphone BlackBerry system 10 would be something similar, but it is difficult to know if RIM will have the strength to get to the launch, whenever that is.

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