Some time ago we have been talking about Chameleon, a new laucher for Android Tablets which seems very promising. Today, after a long period of development and testing has already begun to be available for download for Beta testers.

Thus, the 7,000 people who pre-ordered Chameleon to Android and received notice to begin testing its devices.

First impressions of this laucher, are quite good, as it has a very useful set of widgets, and some of the features like application dock down at the bottom quite interesting.

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To date the giant of instant messaging between mobile devices do not have a rival that is at its height. Although WhatsApp still lacks many features daily increasing number of users and the next step, technical problems (server crashes, malfunctions, etc.).

But surely you or anyone you look like a good app, but it's always good to have an alternative if this fails or need an alternative to "always localized", because with WhatsApp always be located by the simple fact that others know the time you are connected.

Another problem is the fact that you can only connect from your smartphone, without having the opportunity to connect from the PC or other device with network access.

So today we present HOOKT, the best alternative for WhatsApp that allows you to access the same set of features and some more, brought instant messaging to another level.


Hookt has a number of features that place it as a perfect alternative to WhatsApp:

  • Original icons
  • "Stikers". With hookt you send a species of "large icons" very funny and original
  • "Double Check". This app has a Double Check WhatsApp very similar to, but with the difference that If you read the message indicating when your contact. We indicate: If you have been sent, if it was received and whether it has been leeido.
  • Photo sent. You can send photos quickly and comfortably.
  • Contacts. You can add contacts from your contact book (As whatsapp) or by adding the number of Hookt (each user has his number). No need to give your phone number!
  • 100% Free.
  • Chat groups.
  • Platform. It runs on Android, iPhone OS, Blackberry and Web. Play is available in Google, App Store, App World (BB) and Web.
  • Any Network (Wifi / data network).
  • If you have a tablet without data network this is your opportunity as WhatsApp not available officially.

Personally, eh tested the application for several months with my friends and I have been adding people worldwide (Looking Hookt ID then you will have many people who share your id) and it is certainly a very good application that has no problem daily use and certainly very convenient for when you have no battery in your phone and want to connect from the PC.

What are you waiting for download this great application? Download it now to any iOSBlackberry  or Android, or go to their web to do from there.

logo-appHookt Messenger
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Today I bring AndroidZone a special surprise: it is a special version of Apex Android 4.1 Launcher adapted Jelly Bean. Here all the news and the APK to download it to your Android.

Apex Launcher is undoubtedly one of the best Ice Cream Sandwich launchers. To make it even better, people AndroidDoes just released a new version of this great app: it is a special version based on Android 4.1.1, which adds several features of Jelly Bean and improves the speed and overall performance of launcher. Not bad, right?

It should be noted that this is a beta version, which may have some bugs, but the launcher works really well.

A continauciĆ³n I leave the full news list this special version of Apex Launcher:

  • By placing widgets on the screen, everything else is automatically moved to make room
  • When they are too large, widgets resize themselves to fit on the home screen
  • Now you can quickly remove applications / widgets to throw at the side of the home screen
  • Great improvement in the performance of the home screen and the drawer
  • New animated application to enter / exit (only in Jelly Bean)
  • Ability to change the distribution of your 7-inch tablet
  • Added the background for the widgets in the drawer

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Unlimited tabs in the drawer and drawer new management user interface (pro)
  • Improved Switching tabs drawer vertical (pro)
  • Fixed widgets Play Jelly Bean Store
  • Fixed payment issue (Icon Pack) JellyBean
  • Many other new features and improvements
  • Updated translations

This beta version is not currently available in Google Play. The only way to install is to download the APK leave them below.

For future updates, the developer mentions that they will be available through Apex Settings-> About Apex Launcher-> Automatically check for updates-> Beta Version.

Apex Launcher Beta (apk)

Via: DroidMattersXDADL
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Portada Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Jar is an animated wallpaper that has generated lots of downloads in a few days. This very well done and the result is very realistic, but obviously that has been driven by the roll of Jelly Bean Android and everything having to do with this although it is only by association. Also it helps the guys at Android write a tweet about you, why deny it.

I will not detract from this application because as I said looks great and really is well done, well I have found that runs perfectly in device that begins to be troubled by their age. But it is surprising what a little curious that we become and how we want to see for ourselves, because if you think, how many people know that uses a continuously animated wallpaper? If any there are, and although I am a defender of these tools, in the end the practical sense prevails and I prefer the battery saving.

You can download Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Jar Play for free from Google. Let me know that I have found.

logo-appJelly Belly Jelly Beans Jar
Jelly Belly Candy Co.
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Logo Google Listen

Users who use Google Listen as podcaster can continue using it, but today has withdrawn from the Play Store and search tools will stop working demo from November 1. It seems that google are reorganizing of resources, since this week also communicated the closure of Google Mobile Blog. In this case the official announcement said, and I think rightly, that there are many other podcasters in Google Play that work perfectly with many more features.

The application was launched in August 2009 and has since remained one of the most used podcast player for users looking for simplicity and good performance. Readers you had the habit of using this player will have to start thinking about an alternative, there are, and many like AcastDogcatcher or Podkicker  that is growing. In any case, you can access the list of subscriptions from Google Reader Google Listener to import the new application that you go to use.

You can read the source of the news in google's blog

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Call of Duty Black Ops Portada

Black Ops Call of Dutty already announced by our German partner, and has not been slow to be pens available. Only that for most the wait will be over, as it has been on for 30 days for exclusive owners of Xperia Xperia Play or S to enjoy the game today for des of 5.49.

For now there are many views on this matter given the exclusive audience for which it emerged, and not only offered a promotional video. We can tell you, that if the game finally allows single or multiplayer games in teams of up to 4 players via wireless.

Offers 50 different levels which eliminate Shotter countless zombies and an arcade mode to unlock. The points that are acquired throughout the game in single player mode can be invested to improve the character, and can also be purchased in the form of what is called CoD points through in-app billing (Something I do not like in a game of payment)

logo-appCall of Duty Black Ops Zombies
Glu Mobile
$6.99   star-on-dark-imgstar-on-dark-imgstar-on-dark-imgstar-on-dark-imgstar-off-dark-img

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Portada Babel Rising 3D

As can be possible ... humans have had the audacity to defy the gods and built a tower to reach heaven. This outrage can not go unpunished, deserve retaliation. Emulates the work of a god with bad temper in this entertaining game: Babel Rising 3D.

This game developed by Command Productions has come to Android, IPhone, XBox 360 and PS3 at the hands of Ubisoft acquired the franchise. We will use the powers of the gods to prevent the workers responsible for building the tower of Babel to make a success of the work deleting them. The stage, as indicated by the name of the game unfolds in a 3D environment but with limited mobility, and the graphics and sound are excellent. Something to be grateful and very few games have in mind is that in the configuration section can adjust the graphics quality, so that those who have a better device may take advantage of their features without having to pay for the devices with less capacity.

The powers of the god they represent are organized into fire, earth, air and water, and each will have specific powers to play them will require time to be recharged; Throws a giant rock climbing the ramp to overwhelm workers and priests or throw a fireball exploding exterminating his alrrededor workers. With the money we collect to pass levels can successfully enhance the capabilities of our powers and unlock new levels.

Babel Rising is a 3D game in which we easily do with the controls, but the scroll across the screen, at times can be confusing. It also happens that apparently, some devices do not allow the installation of the game or cause failure, but the development team says it is working to resolve these problems. In any case this has hit the Play Store rating which is located on a 3.9 for the free version, which is somewhat unfair in my view.

We have free version and paid version, the second costs € 3.99. Both available from the Play Store.

logo-appBabel Rising 3D!
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logo-appBabel Rising 3D
$4.99   star-on-dark-imgstar-on-dark-imgstar-on-dark-imgstar-on-dark-imgstar-off-dark-img

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