Playstation 3 Accessories

Since its introduction in 2006, the PlayStation 3 has become the most popular gaming console in history, selling over 70 million units. During that time, it has been accessorized with devices of every conceivable type. PlayStation 3 accessories can do things that the console’s creators never dreamed about. That seven-year life span is a long time for technology of this type, and some technology that is available now didn’t even exist when it was released.
 If you have ever wondered what kinds of things you can do with your PlayStation 3 accessories, wonder no more. Here is a breakdown of ways to accessorize your PS3 with new capabilities, including a few that you may never have heard of.

Control Your Power

Probably the most obvious way to enhance your gaming experience with the PS3 is with nicer controllers. This is a way to improve your gameplay, whilst making the time spent using the machine far more comfortable. Some of the more popular controllers for the PlayStation 3 are variations on the standard controllers, but you can also add musical instruments like those used in Rock Star, motion controllers like PlayStation Move, floor pads for dancing and of course, steering wheels for that racing game you can’t quit. Other great ideas are surfboard and skateboard platforms, and some exercise equipment can simulate bicycle rides or let you jog anywhere in the world. Custom controllers like these are the most common PlayStation 3 accessories.

Expand Your Horizons

Another way to improve the entertainment value of a PlayStation 3 is to make the machine cover more area. A larger TV to display the gameplay will help to reduce fatigue and eyestrain. You can also add more monitors to move your playing space “into the zone”. This will increase the feeling of immersion, making you feel as if you are being transported into the game. Other PlayStation 3 accessories that can help with this are larger speakers that are spread further apart, special lighting like the GeoteckStagelight, and dedicated game seating, placed as far from the display as possible. This provides more space to use motion controls and floor pads for fighting, sports and dancing games.

Get Theatrical

The PlayStation 3’s Blu-Ray player and surround capabilities are some of its greatest features. One of the best PlayStation 3 accessories you can invest in is a home theatre system. Surround amplifiers and speakers can turn your game room into a first class theatre with high fidelity sound. Your PS3 will roar to life with earth shaking bass and drums, music scores to move your soul and sound effects that come from every corner of the room and from back to front (and back again) to extend the 3D effects into the world of sound.

Car chases, concerts, astonishing stunts and epic battle scenes will make you feel like you are a part of the action. When you fire up Rock Star and riff on your favorite axe, you will believe you are standing on the stage in front of cheering fans. Your racecar will become something you can feel in your body, rather than simply hearing it. The gunfire and thuds of your favorite games will transform into the intensity of real life.

PlayStation 3 accessories can open up your machine to a completely new world of gaming, drawing you into the action, enhancing the reality and immersing you into another time and place. Modifications to the controllers you have can let you touch the universe displayed on the screen. Different controllers, better sound and wider space will transport your gaming to an entirely new level.
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