The space of 32,000 megapixel camera

The LSST wants to do a group picture with your future space of 32 gigapixel camera

Camera megapixeles record billion
In the world of photography have more megapixels than the rest is cool. But any comparison pales in comparison to the new space camera being developed for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, LSST for friends, who may boast a 32,000-megapixel camera in a couple of years ...
in 2014, when the end.
The 32 GPx or 32,000,000,000 pixels represent a jump of about 1000x against the best models of camera sensors today. But the camera is tricky because the inside is made, not a gigasensor, but with several sensors MPx 189 each, which is not bad. The end result is an image equivalent to that could take 800,000 of 8 MPx camera fitted perfectly with each other.
But why do we need a telescope with a camera of this size? The good thing about having a camera so great is that it is able to take a picture more or less instantaneous and global. Most telescopes are optimized to make things seem small and dark, large and bright, which means that only focus on a small portion of the sky at any given time. The only way I had to have an overall idea was linking these small photos gigapan style. The LSSP camera be able to build a spatial map where you can more easily see what and how they change over time celestial objects, so that will be easier to spot anything unexpected.
The camera, with an approximate size as the image will weigh 3 tons and will be installed at Cerro Pachon (Chile).

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Optimus L3 is the gateway to the LG

Equipped with a 800 MHz processor for running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), Optimus L3 is the gateway to the LG family of smartphones.
With a capacitive screen of 3.2 inches and resolution of 240 by 320 pixels, this smartphone provides the basics. With a more "square", the unit is completely constructed of plastic, weighs 108 grams and is pleasant to handle. For the low capacity of the processor, and also the RAM of 384 MB, slowness may occur with heavier applications or even in the transition screens when many widgets are enabled.

The microSD card slot is present and is much needed, since the unit's internal memory is limited to 1 GB. At the rear there is a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus. There is no front camera for video calls. On one side there is a control for volume, on the upper side there is the on / off switch and a headphone input P2. In the upper panel is microUSB, used for recharging and data transfer.

The complete test of Optimus L3 will be published in our Reviews channel.
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The laboratory of the future of Microsoft # Videorama On The Go

How will the house of the future? Microsoft has lots of ideas about

[Redmond] long ago that Microsoft is more than a software company. Windows has been and is its flagship product, but the Redmond campus are developed dozens of projects of the most interesting hardware. From this came the Xbox, Kinect and Surface but ... there's more. Now the team of "Geeks without borders" Clipset given a tour of the facilities of the Envisioning Lab where we could see some of the projects that Microsoft wants to build the future and especially the home of the future.

microsoft future carol

It was a quick visit in which we have taught interactive walls, virtual butlers, intelligent environments, kitchens and assisted various systems designed to create an interconnected home all the more surprising. On this tour we could not deepen whatever we like, but we could see the other side of Microsoft. Now we wait to see which are no longer prototypes and become reality.

more info
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Amazon has 50% market share of Android tablets in USA

kindle-fire tablet android
Best price, a different size and alternative content. The keys to the success of the Kindle Fire.

The statistics are there to be interpreted. And Comscore on the penetration of Android tablets is interesting. On one side we know that Apple still reigns and even recovering positions on Android devices. But is that the Android team have mounted their own war and part of the blame ... the Amazon Kindle Fire.
If months ago stated that the Fire Kindle Android tablet was the most used, and confirms that now accounts for 54.4% of Android tablets in USA. It is the study overall, but it is very significant in a highly fragmented market and taking as reference shows a country like the U.S..
The findings may be several. The first and most obvious is that price matters. $ 199 is less than half of the cost of an iPad and far less than they cost Android brand competitors (Samsung, Motorola, etc.) And Amazon knows it (the Fire is sold below cost by some studies). Second, the size. 7 "may be more or less comfortable but what is clear is that it comes into collision course with the iPhone, does offer an alternative to those who consider excessive the 9.7". And third, content ecosystem. If anything is that Amazon does not have Apple's own books galore. They may not be the paradigm of what can give him a tablet, but when you consider that many people only used to read, browse and view e-mail ... who wants to spend more for nothing?
What seems clear is that direct confrontation against attacking iPhone weaknesses must be addressed and not just trying to copy what he does well, because nobody does it better. Best price, a different size and content enough, this has been Amazon's bid despite which, many users complain of its interface and its low response rate.

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Smart Camera, WiFi + App cameras compatible Samsung phones, TVs and computers

 smart camera samsung
RemoteViewfinder MobileLink and control your camera from any Android Samsung

Samsung may not have done a good place in the field of still photography, but not for lack of technological innovation and more specifically for its Smart Camera. Smart Camera technology to position itself appropriately to the expectation that in 2014 50% of the world's cameras will ... integrated WiFi.
After Canon experimentase in a compact combination WiFi + App with your system CameraWindow and Nikon has done the same with the SLR D3200, now finally a brand, Samsung specifically, throws himself to the pool integrated WiFi connectivity for remote control and transmission of pictures to your Smart 3.0 interface that will use all their new cameras. The new collection of cameras for 2012 includes the compact WB850F, WB150F, and DV300F ST200F and the EVIL esperadísimas NX1000, NX 210 and NX20.
Smart 3.0 is the basis of the Smart Camera. With this new interface to handle the camera looks now much to drive a mobile, as its icon-based aspect is very similar to that used in Android (in fact is based on Android but not compatible with Google applications Play). The objectives are clear, easy use of all technical and creative options for more dramatic results and share with the rest of the world. And how? as an important set of functions that use the integrated WiFi Hot Spots or use the phone connection to send pictures and videos to social networks like Facebook, YouTube or Picasa, via email or the cloud of Samsung.

Smart Camera, las cámaras WiFi de Samsung

In Clipset still seems great to combine image quality of a good camera with the potential of editing and 'sharing' of a mobile. This has MobileLink, an app currently only available for Android, which lets you select specific photos from your camera and send them to mobile. On the other hand, the mobile can function as a screen frame and trigger the camera using the app. RemoteViewfinder.

Smart Camera, las cámaras WiFi de Samsung

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Apple TV 2012, now with Full HD 1080


Eclipsed by the new iPhone, Apple also introduced the renewal of their Set-top box Apple TV. The model of 2012 could give clues on how the interface will be the rumored Apple TV, but there is too much of where to throw and that is, except the ability to play Full HD contents 1080, other improvements ... fall on the Update interface.
Technically, the Apple TV has a limited A5 processor single-core optical audio output and the corresponding HDMI for Full HD video and Internet connection via Ethernet cable or WiFi. Externally not unlike anything the model Apple TV 720p although the image quality is significantly higher when the source is Full HD 1080, which only happens occasionally.
apple TV

What has changed much is the interface now uses larger icons and widgets for access to channels and audiovisual content. The stone which faces the Apple TV, and most similar equipment, is in the supply of quality content. The iTunes video store for movies currently offers little content and a very competitive price. This would have no impact if it was not in the U.S. iTunes itself is a real alternative in quantity, quality and price compared to other systems of rental content. For the time will have to settle for the video podcast, YouTube and Vimeo as major sources of content. Posts to ask, would not have been nice if they had allowed the integration of apps from the App Store, which would have broadened the horizons of utility of the Apple TV.
However the plus side it keeps getting AirPlay Mirroring function by which any media you have on an iPhone, iPod or iPhone can be played on your TV via Apple TV. Know if it costs € 109 worth depends largely on whether you have other Apple products at home or pocket.

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Sinclair ZX Spectrum microcomputer 30 years of domestic


Spectrum, the pioneer of 8-bit home microcomputer turns 30

Exactly 30 years ago today one of the myths born of microcomputers eighties, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. The ZX Spectrum came as an evolution of the models ZX80 and ZX81, but this particular combination of domestic microcomputer with power to run games and small applications programmed in BASIC with color pictures ... peculiar rubber keyboard was an immediate success. Indeed, the rainbow symbolized the housing technological advance meant the introduction of color graphics.
The ZX Spectrum had a Zilog Z80 processor 8 bits at 3.58 MHz with 16 KB of memory (expandable to 48 KB). Offered a resolution of 256 × 192 pixels and 8 amazing (for the moment) colors. The sound section used a single mono speaker and finally the data storage was done on cassette tapes (1200-1500 baud).
With so few resources, the Spectrum became smaller and cheaper computer market (its largest rival the Commodore 64 cost four times more). As a result it is estimated that in 1986 amounted to 1,000,000 Spectrum in Spain when it was bought by Amstrad. Your purchase price ranged between 39,000 and 52,000 pesetas the (125-175 pounds) and developed approximately 20,000 games and applications. Programs that are loaded with the famous LOAD "" and took tens of minutes to load into memory with screeching sounds and hypnotic modem lines red / green and yellow / blue.

spectrum  sinclair
Spectrum hardware was designed by Richard Altwasser and software by Steve Vickers, but the credit took him Sir Clive Sinclair, CEO of Sinclair Research on par with other eccentric inventor of gadgets that went unnoticed by the world. So great was his popularity that in 1983, Margaret Thatcher (then British prime minister) offered a ZX Spectrum to the Japanese prime minister as a "symbol of British technological prowess." But a series of unfortunate marketing decisions and strong competition, egged on by the arrival of the first PCs of 16 and 32 bits, signed his death warrant. Anyway Happy Birthday Spectrum!

spectrum vintage old sinclair
+ info

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Defy Mini wins dual-chip version for $ 699

Motorola began selling the dual-chip version of the Mini Defy smartphone in Brazil on Thursday (26). The unit brings the same settings Defy Mini which was announced by Motorola in March, with the difference that this model supports two chips of different operators. The smartphone has a 3.2 inch screen (resolution of 320 x 480 pixels), 600 MHz processor, 512 MB ​​RAM, 3 MP back camera and front VGA, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, FM radio and Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). The main characteristic of the series of Motorola Defy is its resistance to scratches, dents and water. The unit on-chip dual version comes from today in major retail stores at a suggested price of $ 699 (50 reais more expensive than the original version with just a chip).

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HP announces new desktops with Ivy Bridge

Following the line of their notebooks, HP announced an update of their desktops, equipping computers with the new processor from Intel Ivy Bridge. There are six models with quad-core processor that will be available from April 29 in the United States. Of these, three are all in one type, such as Omni 220qd (with prices starting at $ 999) or the Omni 27qd, which has a display 27 polegdas and begins to be sold for $ 1,199. The third model is the TouchSmart 520xt with a screen 23-inch touchscreen and the price of $ 999. There are three other updates: for the model h8t HPE, HPE and HPE h8xt h9t Phoenix.
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Samsung - new HOGEN processador Exynos

Samsung confirmed that their new HOGEN processador Exynos will equip the next lançamento the south-Korean aguardado the Galaxy S3.
Based on the ARM architecture, the trait Exynos um Quatro Cortex A9 cores with 1.4 GHz, um German system of economy of energy. Built with the processs of 32nm HKMG (High-K Metal Gate), Samsung promises to double your PERFORMANCE antecessor, the Exynos 4, um dual-core processors built with 45nm of the TECHNOLOGY (which equips the Galaxy Note). Um highlight of processador, the German energy consumption 20% lower, is the video reprodução m 1.080pa 30 Frames per second. According to Samsung, the Sao suportados formats: AVI, WMV H.264, H.263, VC1, MPEG2 and MPEG4. The Galaxy will be presented m S3 in London May 3 (fair-fifth).

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Adapter for iPhone the gadget attaches to microscopes

Remember in biology class that you fought with your friends because they wanted to be the first to touch the eye under the microscope and see molecules, bacteria and insects? The cover magnifi iPhone arrived to put an end to these quarrels.

The gadget is a universal adapter which connects to microscopes, telescopes, and anything else that has a viewfinder 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter. The cover is made ​​of polycarbonate and has a design that does not interfere with the buttons or screen saver that you can have on your Apple device. To connect the microscope or telescope, simply attach the adapter ring in place where you put your eye - and the iPhone screen becomes an excellent display.

The lens has magnified: it works by getting fit and align perfectly with no errors in the camera viewfinder to your iPhone. The coolest thing is that you can take pictures and record videos with the help of perfect skin. Images can also be shared or Skype or FaceTime and even sent to a television using the AirPlay. In the end, everything you do with the native camera app on your iPhone can be done while it aligns perfectly in place of your eye to a microscope, binoculars, telescope eyepiece or any similar device.

The gadget is time to raise funds and will be available in late May for $ 60, for those who support the project in the beginning. The market price will be about $ 80.
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Intel Ivy Bridge, all you need to know about 3D transistors

Core_i7_ivy bridge intel

Intel unveils 22nm Ivy Bridge and dual transistor power TriGate graph

Intel today made official its new generation of microprocessors, the expected Ivy Bridge. But why the fuss? Are you going to revolutionize anything? The answer is yes and no, as the Ivy Bridge are the first to use 3D transistors made TriGate 22-nanometer technology compared to 32 nm of the Sandy Bridge in 2011. Words are the Tik ... (changes in the manufacturing process) of the famous Intel Tik Tok. Indeed, the Tok represents an evolution in architecture.
Very good and all this but what good is it? Well according to this new generation Intel brings several advantages including:
  • The first and most obvious is greater processing power in the Ivy Bridge. It is estimated that their performance will be between 5 and 10% higher than the Sandy Bridge, but it will depend much of the rest of the components and the use of the new 7 Series Intel
  • The 22 nm manufacturing and 3D to significantly reduce the chip surface. At Intel, they are very smart people have taken advantage of this extra space to improve the GPU (integrated graphics chip) now called Intel HD Graphics 4000. They say you can be up to two times more potent than their predecessors. What is certain is that will connect three monitors to your computer simultaneously.
  • Support for Intel WiDi 3.0 (Wireless Display)
  • As usual, improved technology is aimed also at a lower power consumption. Of the 95 watts of Sandy Bridge i7 down to 77 watts.
  • Also note that the lower the consumption, less heat dissipated and therefore less degradation of components, besides requiring less bulky dissipation systems.
  • This is of course a greater chance of overclocking. In fact, some tests have clocked the i7 clock Ivy Bridge to 4.5 GHz

They now have to prove they can do all this promise, especially in the graphics that is where the strongest attack and where most damage to companies like Nvidia.

The new Ivy Bridge will begin to be available on desktops with 9 models (in the absence of i3) being the top-end Core i7-3770K and notebooks with 6 models where the Extreme is the most powerful. Now have to wait to see them mounted on the computers of new generation to come soon.


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