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It seems that Intel has begun testing for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean carry their smartphones using its Atom processors.

Mike Bell, Intel vice president and general manager, said during a developer conference in San Francisco that is currently running the latest version of Android on its own device with other employees who also run Jelly Bean in Medfield smartphones.

When asked about the time that current aprooximado for Intel devices can receive an update to Android 4.1, Bell said that is out of their hands, saying: "We can not put it on the phones. We have to give it to the companies to install it on the phone and go through acceptance testing. "

Moreover, it is expected that the single-core Atom processor is the subject of a Motorola press event to be held next week in London. Intel also plans to introduce a dual-core version of Medfield processor smartphones to debut in early next year. Also in 2013 it will release the Intel Atom low-power to high-end smartphones Merrifield which are manufactured using the 22nm process (the current generation of Medfields are using the 32nm process). If that's not enough, Intel plans further extend until 2014, when they hope to launch a processor using a 14nm process. Yes, you read that right, 14 nm.

Will have to see how it goes Intel in its foray into the world of smartphones. Personally I would look into another player to have more options and varieties in the world of processors. We'll see what happens ...

Via: PCWorld
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Apple, the iPhone 5 is not the world's thinnest smartphone

Apple said at the launch of its new device the iPhone 5 is the world's thinnest smartphone, and that's a great big lie.

The iPhone 5 has already been submitted. Beyond that Apple has not presented anything too innovative, it must be said also lied. During the event that took place in San Francisco heard the statement that "the iPhone 5 is the world's thinnest phone" and that, dear Apple, is a lie.

With 7.6 mm thick, no doubt that the new iPhone is a very thin: 1 mm thinner than the Samsung Galaxy S3 and most other devices ... but thinner.

For one, the Verizon Motorola DROID RAZR has a thickness of 7.1mm, which is less than 7.6 mm if the calculations do not fail me, right?

We also have the Oppo Chinese company, which has a 6.9 mm device even thinner and another called Finder, of only 6.65 mm thick.

Furthermore, when looking at products Huawei and ZTE also found another smartphone thinner than the iPhone 5. The Ascend P1 has only 6.7 mm thick, while the further Athena ZTE with 6.2 mm thin.

So Apple wanted, do what you want with your devices, demand everyone if you want, but I ask you please do not lie to your iPhone 5 is not in any way, the world's thinnest smartphone

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The official Google Chrome app for Android just received an update which includes some major improvements in stability and security

Google has corrected some problems and now keyboards work best with your browser. In addition, controls YouTube videos now work in full screen mode, and the videos are still playing after screen lock or unlock.

Finally, the choice of location is integrated in the location setting of Google applications on the system level.

This new version of Google Chrome M18.1 and can be downloaded for free from Google Play and requires Android 4.0 or higher.

Google Inc.
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As you all know, Apple introduced the iPhone 5 on yesterday. The new device brings some changes and improvements, but is it better than the leading Android smartphones? Let's find out. iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC vs Motorola Droid X One RAZR HD.

The most noticeable change is observed in the iPhone 5 is undoubtedly the change in the size of your screen: it has gone from the historic 3.5 inches to greater than 4 inch screen to compete with several major Android smartphones, which since panels for months have more than 4 inches.

Then I leave a table comparing the new iPhone and three major Android smartphones: iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 vs One vs Droid RAZR X HD.

I know, the comparisons are odious and a table only tells part of the story, but what we can do for now.

Remember you can also take a look at a more detailed comparison between the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 from this link.

Clarification: the Samsung Galaxy S3 specifications listed in the table is only one version, others have only 1 GB of RAM, Exynos processor, up to 64 GB and a few small changes.

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Apple has introduced the iPhone 5, but let's not forget the Galaxy Note 2, the new version of Samsung phablet. The device will be released next month but now we AndroidZone you everything you need to know about the Galaxy Note 2.

The last two weeks have been full of news for the Android world, with several major companies presenting their new devices, among which stood out with its new Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

We have seen a comparison of the evolution of this device and the best tricks, and now I bring you all the information you need to know about the Note 2 before buying.

The Galaxy Note 2 has a design based on the Galaxy S3, although it is somewhat larger. The similarities are not limited to the outside, but internally both devices also have much in common. However, Note 2 is not just a phone, but has a lot of features that look more like a tablet than a phone.

We have seen its full specifications, but it is worth a quick review. The Galaxy Note 2 has a Super AMOLED 5.5-inch HD (1,280 x 720 pixels and 16:9 aspect ratio), quad-core Exynos processor at 1.6GHz, 2GB of RAM, internal memory 16/32/64GB, rear camera 8 megapixel with Auto Focus, LED flash and ability to record video at 1080p, front camera 2 megapixel, support HSPA + and 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, A-GPS, Glonass, a large battery of 3,100 mAh, S Pen holder along with a lot of features to it, and operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with TouchWiz interface.

Go device, right?

At first it was thought that Samsung would launch this device before Apple do the same with the new iPhone 5, but possibly does not happen.

Although no official information has been provided as to the price of the device, we would expect a price of 599 euros for the 16GB version.

The iPhone 5 will be released on 21 this September, while Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 2 in October in Europe and a few weeks later in the United States and other countries.

The Korean company has not yet released the prices that will be released on the Notice 2 but at least we know some carriers will offer the device: Three and O2 in the UK and Vodafone in Germany. In Spain, all major carriers probably will have it in their catalogs.

As for the colors, we know that the Galaxy Note 2 will initially white and titanium gray marble.

A 5.5-inch device is excellent not only to share but also to create content: this was one of the areas in which Samsung more focused during the launch event, in all possibilities to create new content that gives the Galaxy Note 2 with its S-Pen and all new software for it.

We compared this new device with the Galaxy Note original and have seen some of its advantages, mainly in regards to the processor, RAM, memory, operating system and software, among others.

More information on: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Galaxy Note

Also you can check out our post on the Note 2 tricks so you can make the most of this device.

More info on Best Tips Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Finally you can see the analysis of the features of this device Galaxy Note 2 - Full Features.

Now that you know all this just need the device to be put up for sale. Anxious??

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Nvidia launches Kepler architecture with two GPUs

Nvidia launches two GPUs designed for gamers. The models GeForce GTX 660 and GTX 650 have Kepler architecture, registered by the company, and are used to games supporting DirectX 11. The architecture is developed on Kepler 28 nanometers, which increases computer performance and reduces power. The new architecture is 35% more economical in energy than the previous version. According to Nvidia, the GPU increases up to four times the graphics performance of the PC. The company advises the use of equipment, together with other products of the brand, for games like Call of Duty: Black Ops, Assassin's Creed III and World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. The suggested price of the GTX 650 and GTX 660 from 589 and 859 reais, respectively. GPUs are available on the official website of Nvidia. A video with subtitles on the release is available on YouTube.
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The event Apple held yesterday in San Francisco was one of the most anticipated of the year in terms of technological matters are concerned. We were all waiting ready to be impressed, but now that it's over, is it really the iPhone 5 introduced something innovative? Let's see it.

The improvements of this new version are easy to appreciate. The new iPhone 5 is impressively thin and lightweight and comes with an A6 processor, which Apple promises to be up to 2 times faster than the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 has a single radio chip providing GSM, HSDPA, CDMA and LTE and consuming less battery.

Moreover, the big change is altering the size of the screen: the new iPhone has a 4-inch panel (compared to the traditional 3.5 inch of iPhones) and has a better aspect ratio for watching movies.

One could also mention some of the features that come with a iOS6 Maps application, integration with Facebook, FaceTime, Siri enhancements and new Earpods.

However, on the negative side, we can say that the screen of the iPhone 5 has only 4 inches and not only so, but that only added height, so the increase in the size of the panel would not bring any real benefit in most games and help web browsing in landscape mode only.

In addition, the camera of the iPhone 5 is almost identical to that of LTE connectivity and 4S in Europe remains weak as to really be worth (it is true that this is not a negative of the device itself).

Finally, the sleek new 8-pin connector makes all previous fittings are obsolete because they are 30-pin. Does this mean that you can not use them anymore? No, but you have to buy an adapter. Good idea to check, right?

As usual with every new release, Apple said his gadget was "the best yet". It may be the best they have made, but the world was waiting for something new and innovative, something that left us breathless and do not receive it.

Instead, what we got was a reliable smartphone unsurprising characteristics, a phone that could hardly be called avant-garde. After all, the iPhone has always been one of the more expensive devices on the market.

Probably the iPhone 5 is a bestseller with millions and millions of units sold since Apple has a lot of loyal fans who will buy the device, but personally, the iPhone 5 did not meet my expectations. Not that I was expecting anything in particular, just waiting to be surprised with something new, and it was not.

But maybe it's me, what do you think? IPhone 5 Is what you expected? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Remember you can also take a look at a more detailed comparison between the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 from this link.

Via: GSMArena
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Infolab spends a few minutes with a tablet running Windows 8

Microsoft does not hear us, but Infolab had chance to play with a Windows 8 tablet Pro a few minutes ago. No, it was not the Surface. The machine is the Series 7 Slate, which once housed the Windows 7 and looks like a Galaxy Tab 10.1 "extended. But the similarities are limited to appearance: this tablet has guts ultrabook. The processor is a Core i5 2467M with two cores that run at a frequency of 1.6 GHz Memory In the field, there is 4GB of RAM and a 128 GB SSD. For connections Samsung booked a normal sized USB, a HDMI output, a micro SD slot and a P2 mixed for headphones and microphones, not to mention the dock connector for the keyboard. The screen is also the style of ultrabooks: 11.6 "containing 1366 x 768 pixels. Like other notebooks "inspired by Intel", the Series 7 Slate supports Wireless Display, a technology that transmits video to TVs connected to the network. Of course, these specifications exceed those of any other tablet on the market.

The actual experience of using not only does justice to the numbers of ambitious machine, it surprises anyone who is familiar with ARM tablets like the iPad or Galaxy Tab own Windows 8 Pro runs without any delay, including when running games . We played briefly Pinball X2 and the effects are stunning. Sure, Windows 8 Pro has all the features of a desktop, including the traditional desktop. But let's cut to the chase: how the new Windows 8 UI interface (formerly "Metro") behaves with a touch screen? We can say that our fingers feel at home. Most gestures and shortcuts is quite natural, but simply stumbling at the interface of traditional desktop to stop this impression.

The official launch of Windows 8 will be held in Brazil on 26 October. But this refers only to the system. It is not known with certainty when machines like the Series 7 Slate will be released in Brazil.

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Bit Gym launches kit to develop games on Kinect-style tablets

A two biggest problems faced by those who have or want to have a game that uses control movements (like Kinect, Wii or PS Move) is the lack of space, since a large spacious room is one of the requirements. To try to resolve this impasse, the BitGym  created a development kit for motion controlled games for mobile devices! The motion is captured by the front camera of the tablet or smartphone and recognizes more than one player (up to two; future four). According to the video presentation, the beginning of the game is faster compared to consoles (after all, it's an app, simply tap on the icon) and mobile platform is extremely promising: it is expected that in 2012, are sold 40 times more smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS that Wiis and Kinects. And if the problem is the small screen, I can connect the gadget to the most current TVs easily with an HDMI cable. The games will only be available next year, so that developers can have time to devote to making amazing titles. For those interested, more information on the site .
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