Bosch Indego, the intelligent robot mower

Bosch presents a mower that automatically mows the lawn in parallel lines as the soccer fields
Those you are lucky enough to own a garden in your house, plus you are downright lazy, you're in luck, because the German company Bosch will bring to market a smart automatic lawn mower, the Bosch Indego, which is able to mow a meadow drawing straight lines as you would an expert ... professional gardener.
Automatic mowers are nothing new in the market, but so far followed a random pattern in the style of the Roomba vacuum cleaner, with consequent loss of efficiency and increased working time, not to mention aesthetically drawn to the cut in all directions are not too elegant effect.
What has succeeded is that Bosch Indego do the work in an orderly manner, in parallel drawn, being able even to detect obstacles such as flower beds. The lawn will be more attractive, and in less time. To narrow your work surface will have to use a guide wire that comes, lest you be among the mower at home and you slashed the park.
The Bosch Indego is electric, and has a range of about 20 minutes, after which the machine itself returns to its charging station, in about 90 minutes, be ready again to continue their work. We, like you do when Curras in the garden, replacing the charger for the fridge. To prevent the alien lovers take ownership of your robot, the Indego have audible alarms and a deterrent PIN code.

The problem with these automatic lawn mowers is that due to its electrical nature, the working power is not too high, so that for pasture grass with a high height are not advisable. To be effective we have to put them all day to keep the grass low, because besides having no hay collector, it will spread around the garden and if they are long blades can be harmful. The Bosch Indego will be released soon in Sweden, and the world market come 2013. Its price, about 1,600 euros. However, to the rest of the garden still need a gardener. Here's a video demonstration of the operation of Bosch Indego

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